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5 Types Of Orgasms Every Woman Should Experience

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Try All 5 Ways To Reach Climax With These Different Types Of Orgasms!

The female body is capable of providing some of the most intensely satisfying sensations. While most women possess the same basic anatomy, the pathways to pleasure can be quite different for each individual. Some women have never experienced an orgasm while others will tell you stories about that orgasm they had ‘by accident’ while exercising at the gym. While there are a plethora of different ways to reach climax, there are five distinct types of orgasms that should be on every woman’s bucket list, whether they are flying solo or with their lover.

  1. Clitoral Orgasms

    What Are Clitoral Orgasms?

    Achieved through direct stimulation of the clitoris alone, clitoral orgasms are possibly the easiest types of orgasms for the female body to produce. The clitoris contains over 8000 nerve endings, making it the most sensitive erogenous zone for many women. It is usually experienced as a short, superficial burst of pleasure.

    How To Achieve Clitoral Orgasms:

    The most pleasurable clitoral orgasms tend to occur if you or your partner caress or massage the other areas around the clitoris first, including the labia. Circling, tapping, tugging, rolling and stroking the clitoris are all great techniques to experiment with. Pressure can be varied from a light touch through to a firmer pressure.

    Increase Your Chances Of Having Clitoral Orgasms:

    Many women find the most reliable way to reach climax is to use a clitoral vibrator. There are many types of clitoral vibrators available including couples vibrators that can be worn during intercourse, small discreet bullet vibrators and larger, more powerful massage wands.

  2. G Spot Orgasms

    What Are G Spot Orgasms?

    There is some debate as to the existence of the G spot, also known as the Graffenberg spot. Perhaps the most mysterious of all the female erogenous zones, the G spot is located on the interior front wall of the vagina. To locate your G spot, curve your fingers to form a letter ‘C’ shape and insert them into the vagina facing the front wall. If you find a soft spongy area that sits almost directly behind the clitoris, you have found your G spot! Approximately 30% of women report they can experience G spot orgasms through penetration alone. G spot orgasms are usually experienced as deeper, longer lasting and more satisfying orgasms when compared to clitoral orgasms. G spot stimulation is also more likely to cause female ejaculation than any other type of orgasm.

    How To Have G Spot Orgasms:

    Use a circular ‘come hither’ motion to massage the front wall of the vagina. A little lubricant will help you to gain access to this spot with improved comfort and enhanced sensation. Start with slow movements and increase the pace as you feel the pleasure building. This erogenous zone seems to be more responsive to direct massage if other erogenous areas have been worked on first to increase arousal. Foreplay that pays attention to the nipples, labia and clitoris will help to improve the likelihood of achieving a G spot orgasm.

    Increase Your Chances Of Having G Spot Orgasm:

    For women who have trouble reaching orgasm through intercourse alone, G spot vibrators can be extremely helpful. Using a G spot vibrator for self-exploration can help women to become more aware of this pleasure zone, leading to improved sensations during intercourse with a lover. For best results, look for a vibrator that features a curved shaft with a textured or bulbous tip.

  3. Vaginal Orgasms

    What Are Vaginal Orgasms?

    When it comes to achieving orgasm through penetration alone, most women report experiencing deeper, more fulfilling orgasms when their vagina is ‘full’ and thrusting or grinding of some kind is involved. It is thought that there are many erogenous zones deep within the vagina, including the G spot, the C spot (the cervix) and the A spot (the anterior fornix), so vaginal orgasms often involve several of these areas. Stimulation of the anterior fornix can help to enhance arousal and increase natural lubrication during intercourse.

    How To Have Vaginal Orgasms:

    The longer intercourse lasts, the more likely it is that a vaginal orgasm will occur. By taking things slow and allowing time for all of the internal erogenous zones to become awakened, a woman has a much better chance of reaching orgasm through penetration alone. Sexual positions that give the woman control of the movement, such as woman on top, are also more likely to increase the odds of a vaginal orgasm.

    Increase Your Chances Of Having Vaginal Orgasm:

    Having stronger and more responsive pelvic floor muscles will not only improve bladder function but it will also enhance sexual responses to increase the chances of experiencing orgasm through penetration. Performing daily Kegel exercises is a great way to get your pelvic floor into shape. To take the guess work out of the equation, you can improve your pelvic floor strength through the regular use of Kegel exercisers or Kegel balls.

    Inserting something a little more ‘fulfilling’ than usual may also help, as it provides a gentle stretch and extra stimulation to all of the internal erogenous zones. It means that every hot spot is being stimulated with every single thrust or grind. Dildos and dongs come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit almost every scenario possible and just may be the magic ticket to that mind blowing vaginal orgasm!

  4. Blended Orgasms

    What Are Blended Orgasms?

    A blended orgasm occurs when both a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm occur simultaneously. These are usually more powerful and more satisfying than either one on it’s own. These ‘twin’ orgasms can last anywhere from 1-15 minutes.

    How To Have Blended Orgasms:

    To enjoy double the reward, you need to put in double the effort. Stimulating both erogenous zones simultaneously can take some practice. The girl-on-top position is popular as it allows the girl to control the thrusting while either partner can stimulate the clitoris. Some women even find that a grinding motion, rather than thrusting, will stimulate the clitoris against her lover’s pelvic bone. Some women also find they can achieve this type of stimulation in the missionary position.

    Increase Your Chances Of Enjoying Blended Orgasms:

    Possibly the easiest path towards blended orgasms is to invest in a high quality rabbit vibrator. Great for solo pleasure and also couples foreplay, rabbit vibrators provide dual stimulation to the vagina and the clitoris with unrelenting precision. Many women also find that by using a rabbit vibrator regularly during masturbation, they enjoy an increased level of sensitivity during intercourse with their lover.

    To increase your chances of having a blended orgasm during intercourse, there are also a variety of couple’s vibrators available that stimulate the clitoris without interfering with penetration or the intimacy of the moment.

  5. Multiple Orgasms

    What Are Multiple Orgasms?

    Multiple orgasms are classified as orgasms that occur sequentially and immediately one after the other. Having several orgasms within the one ‘session’ does not constitute as a multiple orgasms, however these are great too! If you can withstand being continuously stimulated after the first orgasm has occurred, it is possible for any woman to reach a multi-orgasmic state.

    How To Have Multiple Orgasms:

    Multiple orgasms are more likely to occur if all erogenous zones have been adequately aroused during foreplay. A clitoral orgasm should be the first goal as a progression from foreplay. Immediately after clitoral climax, slow penetration of the vagina should be introduced, gradually building speed to pick up the momentum and increase arousal again. Continue to stimulate the clitoris to build up to a blended orgasm. If the clitoris is still too sensitive, try gentle strokes or broader, less direct stimulation. If the clitoris is extremely sensitive, allow it to rest while you direct some attention to a different area such as the nipples.

    Increase Your Chances Of Achieving Multiple Orgasms:

    While the first orgasm or two may come easy, you might need a different type of stimulation to help you reach the next tier.
    Body massage wands offer fantastic erogenous stimulation, have a broad massage head that helps avoid over-sensitisation and are among the most powerful of all the different types of vibrators.

In Summary

All the different types of orgasms mentioned above can be experienced either on your own or with a partner. It might be worth starting solo at first and find out what works for you before showing your partner how you like to reach climax. Depending on how keen your lover is to be involved, you may find the second pair of hands extremely helpful in your quest to achieve the ultimate orgasmic experience, again and again!


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