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Buyers Guide To Hand Held Massagers

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5 Types Of Hand Held Massagers & Body Massage Wands In Australia.

If you sit at a desk all day, hunched over a computer and suffer from back and neck soreness, instead of taking time out of your day to visit a massage therapist, why not consider one of the massage wands you can buy online. Massagers are ideal for home use to help relieve stress and muscle pain. By delivering vibrations into the tissues of the body, hand held massagers stimulate the body to help bring about physiological changes for improved circulation, reduced muscle tension and pain relief. There are many brands and types of luxury body massage wands available for purchase in Australia, so if you’re in the market for a new body massager, it pays to consider all your options.

Whether you want the power or convenience that rechargeable massage wands can offer, there are a variety of options that are ideal for home use. Battery powered massagers provide cordless convenience and are often also waterproof, which means that you can take them into the shower or bath for a truly relaxing spa experience. If you find your muscle tension builds up during the day, then mini massagers can travel with you to help relieve those niggles before they build up into painful knots.

To give you a better understanding of the different types of handheld massagers Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online and have delivered anywhere in Australia, this buyers guide discusses the pros and cons of the different types of home massagers including power source, functions and suggested uses.

Luxury Hand Held Massagers

Luxury Hand Held Massagers

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For the ultimate home spa experience, luxury handheld massagers are the most popular massagers that Australian residents purchase and enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Featuring motors made from the highest quality parts, luxury body massagers provide concentrated vibrations exactly where you want them. In contrast, some cheap brands may not provide the same level of power, or may create vibrations that dissipate before they can leave the massager head and penetrate the tissues. To ensure optimal sensation, health and hygiene, luxury body massage wands often feature a massage head that is made from medical grade silicone.

Rechargeable Massagers

Rechargeable Hand Held Massagers

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While rechargeable massagers come with their own charging cord that plugs directly into mains power, most come USB charging capabilities, meaning that you can conveniently charge your massager using any available USB socket. Rechargeable massagers are usually powered with an inbuilt lithium ion battery. In most cases this type of battery will discharge more power and last longer than disposable batteries, so rechargeable massagers are the perfect choice for those who desire the best combination of power, portability and a lengthy massage session. While rechargeable options are sometimes a little more expensive than wands that use disposable batteries, the savings into the future are likely outweigh the initial expense – with no worries about running out of charge or having to buy more batteries.

Plug In Massagers

Plug In Hand Held Massagers

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Plug in massagers have a lead that is usually attached to the bottom of the massager handle and connects directly to mains power. Due to their unlimited power source, they’re perfect for extended massage sessions, particularly if two people want to treat each other to a full body massage in sequence. Also known for their power, these massage wands often provide the strongest vibrations that are desired for deep tissue relaxation. Although the most powerful and most reliable of all the handheld massagers, being plugged into mains power does mean that your movements are restricted to the length of the power cord and should never be used in or around water.

Battery Powered Massagers

Battery Powered Hand Held Massagers

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While battery powered massagers haven’t earned the same reputation for power as the rechargeable and mains powered versions, there are still some battery powered options that pack a wonderful punch. Battery powered massage wands made by trusted brands use the highest quality components to deliver the best vibrations possible, with the convenience of being completely cordless. Some handheld wands feature waterproof battery compartments, making them ideal for home spa sessions in the bath, shower or even the outdoor spa. This is usually your best option if you want your massager to be completely waterproof, as even some waterproof rechargeable massagers can allow a little water to leak in at the charging point over time. If you think you might forget to charge your massager and you enjoy the ease of replaceable batteries, then a battery powered massager is a great choice for you.

Mini Massagers

Mini Hand Held Massagers

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When larger body massage wands are just too big to hit the right spot or too cumbersome to travel with you, then mini massagers are the perfect solution. As their name suggests, these personal handheld varieties are smaller by design to allow access to the trickiest trigger points and for easy portability. Often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, a mini massager is easy to manage even if you’re on your own. By delivering concentrated vibrations directly to your hot spots, muscle tension and pain can be kept at bay, even if you’re on the run. While mini massage wands may not be quite as powerful as some of their larger counterparts, they are the perfect size for precision placement over trigger points and are also perfect for erogenous massage.

Hand Held Massagers Summary

Whether you are looking soothe tired muscles and relieve pain or you want to indulge in a relaxing home massage experience, there are a range of different body massagers to help complete your mission. By spending just a few moments each day using your massager to soothe and rejuvenate your body, you can enjoy an enhanced state of overall health and wellbeing.

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