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Do Pheromone Attractants Work?

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Pheromone Attractants – The Secret Weapon?

Have you ever wondered what’s so special about that person sitting at the bar, flocked by potential mates and adorned by all of their friends? They may not be the most attractive person in the room or even the best conversationalist, but for seem reason the opposite sex flocks toward them almost as if they’re the Pied Piper! This happens more often than we all care to admit, leaving us to wonder just what magical force is at play – what are these prospective mates drawn to that we seem to be missing?

The answer is pheromone attractants! Many people don’t realise that human pheromones play a significant role in sexual attraction. When a person encounters a potential mate that they are attracted to, they will naturally produce and secrete pheromones that trigger feelings of attraction in the opposite sex. Unfortunately for some people, their bodies don’t produce enough to make an impact on potential mates.

  1. What Are Pheromones?

    A pheromone is chemical factor that triggers a particular social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are usually secreted or excreted by the body and released into the surrounding environment. Although usually without scent, it is thought that pheromones hit the olfactory glands of anyone close by to trigger a hormonal response in the behaviour centre of their brain. When a woman is attracted to a man, the sex pheromones released indicate her availability for breeding, while a man will release pheromones that convey information regarding his genotype and superiority as a species.

  2. Pheromones: Natural Vs Synthetic?

    The unfortunate reality is that sometimes our bodies just don’t produce a high enough level of these sex pheromones to make a significant impact on the people around us. Factors such as age, stress and overpowering colognes or perfumes can diminish the amount of natural sex pheromones readily available to work their magic on the opposite sex. For this reason, many companies now produce synthetic pheromone sprays to help even up a person’s odds. By adding more of the same pheromones already produced by the body, pheromone sprays can be used to help give nature a significant yet subtle boost.

  3. Male Pheromone Sprays & Colognes

    When a man is attracted to a female, the pheromone Androstenol is naturally secreted in response. Not only does this pheromone signal to the woman that he is attracted to her, but it also works to naturally increase the woman’s sexual desire. In a room crowded with people, the man releasing the greatest amount of Androstenol will be that man surrounded by women who seem to be the perfect combination of relaxed, talkative and giggly in his presence. If you want to give nature a little boost in the right direction and swing the odds in your favour, then using male pheromone sprays can help shift the balance. In order to work properly, male pheromone sprays must contain a high concentration of this pheromone in order for it to have any effect on the opposite sex. The Lure For Him pheromone attractant, available from Fare L’Amore, is an odourless cologne containing high levels of Alpha-androstenol – the perfect ice breaker in any social situation!

  4. Female Pheromone Sprays & Perfumes

    Good quality female pheromone sprays will also contain high levels of Androstenol. This pheromone is also thought to project an aura of health and reproductive fitness that make you appear instantly more attractive to the opposite sex. The Lure For Her Infatuation Body Spray, from Fare L’Amore, is enriched with pheromones designed to help increase interest from potential mates, as well as making potential mates feel more relaxed and comfortable.

  5. Do Pheromone Attractants Work?

    Your body produces sex pheromones naturally, so by using a pheromone spray you are simply enhancing what nature should already be providing. Not only do sex pheromones help to increase arousal and interest from the opposite sex, but you will also notice other positive changes by using pheromone sprays in your daily life. Using pheromone sprays can also help to increase confidence levels, reduce social anxiety and can change the way you interact with people around you, whether you are at work or a social event.

Pheromone Attractants Summary

High quality pheromone sprays simply add potency to the pheromones that are emitted naturally by the body. By increasing the levels of pheromones emitted, people around you will be naturally drawn to you and enjoy your presence. Whether you are seeking new love or want to strengthen your current relationship, pheromone attractants can help to enhance what you already have and boost it to new levels!


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