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How To Clean Outdoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Maintenance

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Learn How To Clean Outdoor Blinds & What’s Involved With Outdoor Blinds Maintenance.

Café blinds are popular additions to outdoor areas, providing protection from the Sun, wind and rain, allowing you to spend more time outside no matter the season. If your clear PVC blinds are manufactured by Inviron Blinds Adelaide using extruded PVC, you’ll start off with a crystal clear view, like you experience looking through glass. Be wary though, not every café blind on the market for sale is the same. Some manufacturers use laminated PVC because it’s cheaper, but not as clear and will not be as resilient to the weather.
To ensure your investment stays in good condition for many years to come and so you can enjoy the view these PVC blinds offer, it’s important to know how to clean outdoor blinds and what’s required with ongoing outdoor blinds maintenance.

How To Clean Outdoor Blinds

Café blinds often take the full brunt of fierce weather conditions. Bird droppings can be a problem and then there’s the human contribution such as greasy smoke from the BBQ, lawn clippings sprayed on care of the lawn mower or edge trimmer and greasy hand prints from the kids.

The good news is, it’s actually really easy to clean an outdoor blind, in fact it’s easier than cleaning a glass window, with many saying it’s also a lot more fun! if you have children, why not get them involved, it really is that easy to do.
A new product released this year, called “Swiftee”, is available in a 1.25L container, which is enough to clean a span of 3mx2m both sides 25 times from Inviron and has been specifically manufactured to make cleaning PVC and shade mesh a breeze. Never use full strength detergents or solvents when cleaning a plastic blind.

Swiftee™ is a powerful and unique concentrated formula that makes cleaning your outdoor blinds easy! Its quick and simple to achieve a sparkling finish that leaves your café blinds looking like new. Swiftee removes dust, dirt, grime and mould and all you need is a bucket of water and a sponge.

Swiftee | Outdoor Blinds Cleaner

After hosing down your blind to remove any abrasive material such as sea salt or bird droppings, pour just 50mL into a bucket with 1L of water. Using a sponge, wash your PVC blind before hosing it down again.
If the weather is warm, you can leave it down to air dry, or wipe dry with a soft cloth or Chamois.

Outdoor Blinds Maintenance

To keep your outdoor café blinds made of PVC looking their best for many years to come, and to reduce the number of times and frequency you need to clean them, you can simply give them a wipe with a product called VuPlex®. The initial washing process will not be required if they’re new, but if they have become milky and dirty, washing them first is recommended.

For ongoing outdoor blinds maintenance, apply VuPlex® generously to both sides using a soft clean cotton cloth. Work the product on one metre square patches at a time and then polish the product dry. You will feel the cloth become very slippery when you’re close to finishing. VuPlex® works by penetrating into the surface the plastic, lifting stains and dirt away by enveloping the unwanted material in a safe coating of lubricant so scratching is reduced during the wiping process. For the final step and once the entire surface has been treated, use another soft clean fluffy microfibre cloth to wipe over once more to remove any last residue.

Now you know how to clean and maintain your café outdoor blinds made from PVC, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy being protected from the Sun, wind and rain while enjoying your crystal clear view.

If you don’t have outdoor blinds installed and you live in Adelaide, contact Inviron Blinds for a free-no-obligation quote to discover the benefits PVC blinds offer your outdoor living experience.


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