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Importance of Rest and Relaxation

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The Importance Of Rest And Relaxation For Stress Relief.

With the increased pace of today’s lifestyle, the importance of rest, relaxation and investing time on stress relief has never been more paramount. To those with an extremely hectic schedule, the idea of taking time out for rest and relaxation may be considered an indulgent luxury. In actual fact, taking just a small amount of time out for some R&R is actually an important key to your overall health and wellbeing that will benefit all other facets of your life.

  1. Relaxation Provides Stress Relief

    Stress in small doses can sometimes be good to motivate and provoke us into action. In most cases, however stress has a negative effect on our health. Taking a little time to relax and reduce stress levels will improve your body’s immunity, improve blood flow to muscles, reduce tension and reduce the strain on your heart.

  2. A Relaxed Mind is a Better Mind

    The brain often comes up with the best ideas when it is in ‘free thinking’ mode. Problem solving abilities also tend to improve when the brain is allowed to process information without being under pressure. Rest also improves memory, increases concentration levels and enhances thinking processes that result in better performance at work and for everyday life. Relaxing helps you think more clearly make better decisions.

  3. Relaxation Helps Control Your Mood and Emotions

    While you are relaxing you have time to evaluate and assess your thought processes. It gives you time to review different aspects of your life to keep check of whether they are in balance.

  4. Rest Gives You a Renewed Zest for Life!

    The importance of rest in helping your body heal cannot be ignored. Taking a little time out to rejuvenate the body and the mind can help to re-ingnite your passion for many different aspects of your life. Because rest helps to re-energise the body and the mind, you are less likely to experience ‘burn-out’ if you have made rest and relaxation a part of your lifestyle.

Rest and Relaxation IS Worth the Time!

When you are busy, the question begs as to where you might find time to acknowledge the importance of rest time and how you will make an allocated time specifically for relaxation. Remember that relaxation comes with different time frames and in different forms for everybody. It’s up to you to to decide what makes you feel well rested and relaxed. It might be yoga and meditation or it might something simple like walking, running, reading, listening to music. Just spending five minutes having a cup of green tea can help with stress relief. When life is busy, it may be easy to let your rest and relaxation time get pushed to the side, but taking just a little time out for yourself each day will make you more efficient and effective for all of life’s other priorities.


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