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Water Features For Your Garden

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Make A Splash With These Water Features.

Water has a calming effect on our senses. With many people landscaping their homes, adding outdoor entertaining areas in lieu of taking holidays, why not consider adding one of the many features available, whether you have a large area to play with, or just a small courtyard space, you’ll be amazed at the visual impact landscapers can create. If you are going to get help make sure the trades you use are licensed to do the work they say they can do.
This article looks at 3 completely different types of water features, to give you an idea of perhaps what can be achieved in your garden.



If you have a corner in your garden that is dead space, you can always add a pond. This one includes a small waterfall, some plants and of course hardy gold fish.
Constructed by experienced Adelaide based landscapers, Visual Landscape Gardening, this concrete fish pond is something best left to the experts, but plastic ponds can be sourced from your local hardware shop, and for the cheapest pond alternative, you could look at pond liners.

Wall Water Features

Wall Water Features

Courtyard homes are becoming more popular across Australia due to land costs, but adding an attractive water feature is still possible if you’re limited with space. The one pictured above is a decorative wall feature, with a pond and plants.
Not only an attractive feature to look at from the lounge room, you’ll appreciate the calming effect the splashing noise into the pond has.

Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features

Big garden, large home? Why not make a really big impression to an entrance with a statue. Custom designed statues like these sit in a base.
When turned on the water trickles down the feature creating a soothing sound. Features like these make a statement and a focal point to a garden. For those that don’t have thousands to spend on something quite so elaborate, garden nurseries or hardware stores generally stock a wide range of garden statues that can be connected to pumps to create a decorative feature.

In Summary

Whatever your budget, space or style of garden, there are plenty of options available if you’d like to make water features a statement in your garden.
If starting from scratch, and employing landscapers to do the work for you, they can lay power cable for the pump in trenches, along with pipes for the water.
If you’re considering further landscaping of an existing garden, discuss economical options of getting power and water to where your feature is going to be located.

Garden lighting is another aspect you might like to think about at the same time. Adding lights and even colour means you can enjoy them for longer and add another dimension to how they look.

For even more inspiration, take a look at other water features available, Visual Landscape Gardening have installed that’ll transform your garden.


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