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New Approach To Property Management

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Salvan Property Management Adelaide – Property Managers Adelaide SA.

Salvan has introduced a new approach to the way property managers deal with landlords renting out properties in Adelaide, by treating them as what they actually are – investors.

Principal Natalie Salvati, with over 25 years experience in the industry, explains the approach has put a new focus on how landlords are viewed.

Salvan are property managers Adelaide investors use for a complete and personalised management service, second to none in Adelaide South Australia. Here at Salvan, we understand you’re not just a landlord. You have invested your money in real estate, whether it be an apartment, house, townhouse or unit, so as an investor, you want a return on your investment as well as the capital growth you can expect when you decide to sell.
Salvan Property Management Adelaide can handle everything that’s required whether you’re renting out your apartment, house or unit, or wanting to sell, while maximising your return, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Unlike many real estate companies, Salvan does not charge for management services you don’t need. You choose the services you require and therefore you control the costs.

Salvan focuses on 3 core services that are available to landlords and tenants alike:

  1. Property Management
  2. Strata Management
  3. Real Estate

Adelaide Property Managers

As property managers in Adelaide, Salvan has listened to the many landlords that have left large real estate companies, switching to Salvan to become stress free investors.
By keeping check on outgoings, Salvan tailor services to what each landlord requires, therefore costs are often dramatically reduced because landlords are not being charged unnecessarily.
When dealing directly with the owner of the business, landlords know they will get expert advice and service, as opposed to dealing with employees that work for commission.

Adelaide Strata Managers

As strata managers in Adelaide, Salvan Property Management Adelaide handle all the complex regulatory requirements, finance and maintenance for strata complexes, so strata owners don’t have to worry about a thing.
Unlike many of the strata management companies, with Salvan, you deal directly with Natalie, so there’s no communication breakdown problems.

Adelaide Real Estate Agents

If you’re looking at selling your apartment, house or unit, Salvan are the real estate agents in Adelaide dedicated to maximising your return.
A personal hands on approach, with no commissions paid to salespeople means Salvan put your interests first making sure you get the most possible from the sale of your apartment, house, townhouse or unit.

If you’ve not made the switch to Salvan yet, you should contact Salvan today!
Not only will you have less stress and worry, you’ll make more money with regular income coming from your rental investment, whether it be an apartment, house, townhouse or unit.


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