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Scrap Metal Recycling Across Australia

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Scrap Metal Recycling – A Great Way To Make Money Recycling Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap Metals.

Australia has recognised the benefits of recycling scrap metal instead of buying raw material when manufacturing products made with different metals, particularly steel, copper and aluminium.

Beverage can manufacturers for example recycle aluminium cans across Australia collected mainly due to ‘Collection Deposit Legislation’, which started in Adelaide South Australia back in 1977 and has recently been adopted across the country, apart from Victoria where it’s being proposed to start in 2022 and Tasmania, with a proposed start in 2023.

Super Collectors, regulated by the EPA also collect and pay cash for metallic items brought into them by local residents.

Scrap metal recycling for many Australians has become a great way of making money too. Cleaning out the garden shed can often uncover items made of metal that can be taken to recycling centres who in turn sort out the different types of ferrous and non ferrous metals, selling it to be recycled into more of those items.

One of the largest scrap metal recyclers can be found in Adelaide South Australia.
Pooraka Bottle & Can Recycling Depot Adelaide pays CASH for bottles & cans, other qualifying 10 cents recycling beverage containers plus Scrap Metal with a fast, friendly & professional service.

All metallic items are weighed and paid according to the content and current scrap price for it.

Take a look at examples of scrap metal recycling Adelaide residents are paid cash for when they take their collection of metals into a Super Centre.

Whitegoods are popular items made of steel that even if not working or broken can be turned into money. Motors, radiators, even the kitchen sink ripped out during a home renovation are examples where you can make money recycling scrap metal.

Car and truck engines and batteries, with the oil emptied out are very popular items Adelaide residents receive good money for when brought to a Recycling Centre.

Take a look at the scrap metal prices for both ferrous and non ferrous metals paid by the kilogram (kg) from Adelaide metal recyclers.

Note: Ferrous means steel. Non Ferrous refers to other metals such as copper, brass, aluminium etc. that can be recycled for money.

Making money from scrap metal recycling is something children have been educated well at school, so getting the family involved can make an enjoyable and profitable afternoon’s work together.


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