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How To Increase Your Penis Size

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How To Get A Bigger Penis: Beat Erectile Dysfunction And Grow Your Penis Size!

Men may have several reasons for wanting to increase their penis size. While some men feel their natural size doesn’t meet expectations, others just want to enhance sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner. At certain stages in their life, most men will experience some sort of erectile issues ranging from problems with getting hard through to staying hard long enough to satisfy their lover.

While men and women alike may not always voice their opinion, it no huge surprise that a bigger penis is usually greeted with a bigger grin! In addition to helping men to overcome certain erectile issues, there is a huge range of sex toys available that can help men enhance their natural beauty!

In comparison to some expensive and risky medical procedures that might be offered to help treat erectile dysfunction, this range of sex toys offer men an inexpensive and enjoyable way to enhance their penis size.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps may be used for pleasure or to help make the penis bigger, in both a flaccid and erect state. All pumps work by drawing blood into the penis to create engorgement. Penis pumps increase the size of a man’s penis immediately, and can produce long term gains when used on a regular basis. Some pumps are air based, with hand pump and LCD electronic versions available, while others are water based. Especially useful for men who experience erectile dysfunction, using a penis pump to engorge your penis before intercourse can result in enhanced sexual satisfaction for both partners.
Bathmate are the world’s number one seller of water based or hydro penis pumps and come in 3 sizes, so there is one to suit all gains.

Bathmate Penis Pumps

Cock Rings

Cock rings are so easy to use and can be rather helpful for men who experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. They are also extremely popular with men who simply want to be able to please their partner for longer. Cock rings allow blood to flow into the penis but restrict the superficial blood vessels that allow blood to flow out, thus engorging the penis. This swelling not only gives the man a larger, firmer erection, but also allows the penis to stay hard for some time after ejaculation so that the man can continue to please his lover for longer. When paired with a penis pump, cock rings can help to provide a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves offer men a quick and easy way to enhance the length and girth of the penis artificially. Penis sleeves come in a range of sizes, colours and textures to suit any taste. They can be flesh coloured to look like the real thing or they can be coloured, textured or even glow in the dark! Many penis sleeves also come with ribs or nodules to create even more exciting sensations during intercourse. While it may seem like a temporary solution, the outcome of a more satisfying sexual experience is certainly on the cards!

Penis Enlargement And Hardening Creams

Rather than relying on magic potions, there are a range of scientifically formulated enlargement creams can help men to achieve a bigger penis. Such creams and lotions are designed to trigger a chemical reaction in the skin to increase blood flow which leads to further engorgement of the penis.


Using sex toys such as penis pumps and cock rings to help achieve and maintain a bigger penis can be a fun and enjoyable experience. In addition to achieving a larger penis, you are quite likely to experience firmer, longer lasting erections and improved stamina during intercourse. Not only does a bigger penis offer the owner extra enjoyment and increased confidence in themselves, the ladies are quite likely be left more satisfied also!


If you are serious about increasing your penis size, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers, stock a great range of penis pumps, cock rings and other penis enlargement products that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can purchase online cheap, delivered discreetly anywhere in Australia.


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