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10 Fashion Rules For Everlasting Style

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Fashion Rules That Outlast Any Current Clothing Trends.

There are some fashion rules that are destined to outlast all seasonal clothing trends for decades to come. While the colour, cut and length clothing may vary considerable from season to season, there are some basic fashion tips that should be heeded to no matter what the trends are on the cat walk.

It’s great to stay up to date with current fashion trends and to experiment with your own personal style. Regardless of your personal style and the current fashion trends, there are some staple fashion rules that will make any wardrobe look more appealing. There are also plenty of fashion faux pas that many are guilty of experimenting with at some time in their lives. Have fun with fashion and preserve your everlasting style by following these simple fashion tips below.

  1. Toes Are A Touchy Subject.

    Whether they are a pair of peep toe heels or very day sandals, make sure toes are always polished and pedicured if they are going to be on display. Stockings or socks should never be worn with any opened toes shoes.

  2. Legs Or Cleavage, Never Both.

    A short skirt or a low cut blouse can be enticing and appealing in the right setting, but never wear both in the one outfit. If you want to show off your legs, wear a top with a high neck line. If you decide your cleavage is your best asset, cover up your legs with a longer skirt or some nice fitting pants.

  3. Loose Or Tight Clothing?

    If you are wearing a loose or baggy top, opt for tight fitting pants or leggings. In reverse, loose pants are more likely to compliment a tight fitting top than leggings.

  4. Camel Toes Are Never Cool.

    Wearing clothes that fit well is a fashion must regardless of the current fashion trends. Even if tight fitting pants are in fashion, camel toes detract significantly from your outfit and are best avoided at all cost. If something doesn’t fit you properly, just don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

  5. Underwear Is Not Outerwear.

    Underwear is called that for a reason. It should not be visible in public. From exposed bra straps through to g-strings peeking over low-cut jeans, visible underwear is an unfortunate yet common fashion blunder. Black bras under white tops may be appropriate on the odd occasion but should not be worn as daily attire.

  6. Don’t Blend Styles.

    Corporate wear with sneakers is also a fashion faux pas. Corporate clothing deserves to be complimented with corporate shoes while sneakers should be saved for casual or sporting occasions. Choose a style for your outfit and stick with it.

  7. Smooth Out Those Lines

    Visible panty lines are almost as much of a fashion faux pas as letting your underwear show. Lines from panties and unsightly bulges from bras that are too tight detract attention from your outfit. For a smoother silhouette make sure you are wearing well fitting underwear that follows the same lines as your over-garments.

  8. Busting Out

    Avoid shirts that are too tight around the bust or the stomach. It may be tempting to try to squeeze into a smaller shirt but clothing that has bulging seams or bursting button holes are likely to make you look like you are growing out of your clothes. If you are choosing between two sizes, opt for the slightly larger size shirt that fits well for a more slimming look.

  9. Hold The Muffins

    When it comes to common sense fashion tips, this one should go without saying! Whether low waist jeans are the current fashion trend or not, the muffin top that often seems to accompany this trend should be avoided at all times. Be sure that the pants you are wearing are the correct size and fit for your figure, regardless of the trend. By doing this you will look better and feel more comfortable. Muffin tops can also be avoided by using figure shaping underwear.

  10. Black Is The New Black

    Regardless of the current clothing trends, a simple black blazer that fits you well is a must have for every wardrobe. It not only compliments just about any outfit, it will also remain stylish regardless of what the seasonal fashion trends are.

Fashion Tips Summary

While it is fun to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and to try new things, most people end up finding a particular style that suits their personality. Take on feedback from loved ones and shop assistants and don’t be afraid to try on different clothing that you might not normally consider. Follow some basic fashion rules as suggested above and then add in a taste of the current clothing trends using accessories, such as a scarf in the latest print. By finding your own classic style to keep as your base, you will be more likely to feel confident and comfortable with what you are wearing from season to season, regardless of what the current fashion trends are.


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