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5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Own

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5 Sex Toys For Women – The Results Will Surprise You!

5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Own

Kegel Exercisers tighten pelvic floor muscles.

This article explores a range of sex toys for women, focusing on the top 5 every women should own. Whether alone or with someone else, a number of toys can help to enhance sexual satisfaction beyond the usual boring bedroom romp. In addition to increasing a woman’s chance of reaching orgasm, sex toys can be useful in helping to improve pelvic floor strength, sexual responsiveness and libido.

Kegel Exercisers

One of the best sexual health products for women, whether young or old to strengthen pelvic floor muscles are Kegel exercisers. By stimulating the interior walls of the vagina through vibration, these egg shaped vibrators provide pleasurable sensations while stimulating the pelvic floor muscles. For many women, regular use of Kegel exercisers not only improves sexual responsiveness and increased intensity of orgasms but can also lead to improved pelvic floor strength and bladder control. Remote control versions can be used discreetly during the day, and also make a wonderful couples toy when the controls are handed over to an enthusiast partner!

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As Editor in Chief of 'Health & Wellbeing Australia', Lucinda brings over 20 years experience in the Health Industry, with 14 years as a practicing, registered Physiotherapist; specializing in pelvic floor and erectile dysfunction issues, to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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