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10 Time Saving Beauty Tips For Busy Women

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Save Time Looking Beautiful!

Whether you are a full time business woman or a mother trying to juggle children around the rest of life’s demands, there is one thing that all of today’s modern women have in common – being stretched for time.

With the demands of work life and family life often taking priority in their busy schedules, it’s easy for women to neglect themselves.
Taking care of yourself and how you look can play a vital role in boosting your mood and how you feel about yourself.

With these 10 time saving beauty tips you can look good and feel great in next to no time, allowing you to get on with your busy day, feeling confident to tackle anything that comes your way!

  1. Simplify Your Beauty Box:

    Keep your beauty routine simple and clear out the clutter.
    Throw out any expired or outdated products and reward yourself with new ones; such as lipstick. A new lipstick colour will brighten your mood and look.

  2. Separate Your Daily Products From Your Special Occasion Selection:

    Keep your daily routine simple and effective by taking away the choice of colours that you may allow your self on a special occasion. For example, your daily makeup may consist of two neutral eye shadow tones and one lip polish.
    Pop the rest of your cosmetics away in your ‘special occasion’ section.

  3. Combine products:

    Why perform two or three steps if your can achieve the same result in just one step?
    Save time by using a tinted moisturiser instead of applying separate moisturisers, sunscreens and foundation products. A tinted moisturiser is perfect for daily wear as it moisturises and protects your skin as well as providing breathable but effective coverage.

  4. Double Up:

    Use the same product for several different applications. The classic example of a time saving cosmetic such as this is a bronzer.
    A good ‘bronzer’ can be used to shade and tone the entire face. Your bronzer can be used as a blush across your cheekbones, as eye shadow on your eyelids and can be brushed lightly across your decolletage, shoulders, arms and legs to create a healthy glow.

  5. Resist The Temptation of the Tweezers:

    Most women ‘over pluck’ their eyebrows.
    Over plucking wastes mountains of time and actually increases the appearance of ageing. Treat your self to a brow shaping a couple of times a year and leave the eyebrow grooming to the professionals. For self maintenance between visits, you should stand at least one foot away from the mirror and only pluck the really obvious strays; these are the only ones that other people will notice anyway!

  6. Embrace Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner:

    Washing your hair can be quite time consuming and after that you still need to blow dry it and style it!
    Save time by spraying a little dry shampoo on the roots of your hair and dry conditioner on the ends. This will quickly refresh your hair and add shine between washes.

  7. Nail Your Nail Routine:

    Having manicured nails definitely makes women feel more dressed for the day. Clear pink nail polish is the easiest to maintain and touch up.
    Bold colours are time consuming to apply neatly and are also an eyesore when they begin to chip. If you are really pushed for time and just can’t allow any drying time, try using ‘stick-on’ polish that comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

  8. Simplify But Don’t Forget Your Accessories:

    A simple pair of ‘dangly’ earrings or a necklace can complete your simple look and can even act as a pleasant distraction from the fact that you may have skipped putting on your eye makeup.

  9. When All Else Fails:

    When you are really under-the-pump and find yourself running out that door without time for hair or makeup, make sure you have a back up plan!
    Keep a hair tie, mascara and a lip polish in your handbag or the console of your car. Simply tie your hair up in a fashionable messy bun, pop on the mascara and lip gloss and you are ready to face the day!

  10. Enhance Your Natural Beauty With A Smile:

    Regardless of how much time you have been able to invest into your beauty routine, the quickest, easiest and most time effective beauty tip is simply to smile!
    Smiling not only improves your own mood, it also lightens the mood and makes you more attractive to others around you.


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