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10 Ways To Warm Your Home During Winter

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Easy Ways To Warm Your Home In Winter

There are many things you can do to help keep your home warm through the cold Winter months. Whether your home currently has insulation or not, there are many other ways to warm your home warm that are inexpensive and can be put into place almost immediately. Following the 10 simple house warming tips below can help to keep your home warm as well as helping to reduce power consumption; a win win for the environment and your wallet!

  1. Watch Your Windows

    Up to 40% of escaped heat can be attributed to uncovered windows. DIY window insulation kits are available from most local hardware stores at an affordable cost. These kits are simply a thin film of tinted plastic that you can cut to size and stick to your window. The DIY window insulation kits are quick and easy to install and are a great option for those in rental accommodation. Also ensure windows are closed properly. If there is a room where a window doesn’t close properly, seal this room off from the rest of the house by closing the door.

  2. Take Care With Your Curtains

    During the day open any curtains that let sunlight in and then close all curtains as soon as the Sun is no longer hitting them. Wherever possible, make sure curtains are thermal lined or have insulated backings. If your curtains are quite thin, it may be worth replacing them with thicker ones or hanging a heavier sheet or rug up over the curtain rail. Pelmets are also a great idea, as a lot of heat can escape from the gap at the top of the window between the curtain and the window sill.

  3. Seal Up Any Gaps or Cracks

    Gaps and cracks can account for approximately 15-25% of heat loss in some homes. Use gap filler to fill any cracks in walls or floor boards and install some weather stripping around doors and windows. A door snake is a quick and cheap way of stopping draughts that come from underneath doors.

  4. Check Your Ceiling Fan Settings

    Hot air rises, so take advantage of those ceiling fans and use them to circulate the warmer air that naturally sits higher in the room. Be sure to set your ceiling fans to spin clockwise so that they push the hot air down.

  5. Contemplate Any Unexpected Escape Routes

    Check for draughts coming from chimneys, vents and exhaust fans placed in ceilings and walls around the home. Close the damper in fire place when it is not in use, install a chimney balloon and close the doors to any rooms containing exhaust fans in the ceiling.

  6. Get The Most From Your Heater

    Make sure you have placed the heater or radiator in an optimal position. Avoid putting large objects in front of the heater source as they will just absorb all the heat. Another great tip if the radiator is placed near a wall, is to place tin foil on the wall at the back of the radiator. This reflects all the heat back into the room rather than being absorbed by the wall.

  7. Cover Any Cold Floors

    Cover any cold flooring, such as tiles, concrete or floorboards with rugs or carpet, especially in areas where you frequently sit or walk.

  8. Use thermostats and heating timers

    Set a timer to turn your heater on before the house gets too cold. To keep your home warm in the most efficient manner possible, it’s much easier for a heater to maintain or build to a moderate temperature of 20-23 degrees slowly rather than trying to heat a very cold room quickly.

  9. Cook

    Cooking a meal or snack in the oven helps to warm your home incidentally. When you have finished cooking, leave the oven door open a few centimetres to allow the hot air from the oven to filter into the rest of the room.

  10. Close Off any Unused Rooms

    Try to inhabit the smaller rooms of your home as they are quicker and easier to heat up. Close the doors to any rooms you don’t need to use and block any draughts coming from these rooms as much as possible.

If All Else Fails, Remember To Heat Yourself!

Hopefully these 10 tips to warm your home will help save you money as well as keeping the family warm through the cold Winter months. If your house is still on the cold side after implementing all the above tips to keep your home warm, try increasing your body temperature with 10 Tips To Keep Warm In Winter.


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