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5 Mascara Application Tips For Amazing Eyelashes

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Mascara Application Made Easy: How to Apply Mascara for Perfect Eyelashes.

When you apply mascara with the obvious goal of achieving perfect eyelashes, it can be much trickier than professional makeup artists make it look. To make matters worse, if it isn’t done right it can look just plain wrong. The trick to applying mascara is to enhance the natural beauty of your eyelashes; not to turn them into a thick, clumpy mess. Correct mascara application will give the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes that will open up and draw attention to your eyes.

  1. Black Is The Everlasting Black

    Regardless of the current fashion trends, to enhance your natural beauty you should always use black mascara on your eyelashes, the only exception to this rule being if you are extremely fair. If black mascara is just too overpowering for very fair skin and eyebrows a black/brown mascara may be a more suitable option.

  2. Don’t Pump

    Never pump the mascara wand in and out of the bottle. This action pushes air into the mascara tube and dries the mascara out, making it go clumpy and flaky. The correct way to open a mascara bottle is to gently twist the wand as you slowly pull it out of the tube.

  3. Wiggle The Wand

    Gently wiggle the mascara wand from left to right at the base of the lashes. Correct mascara application that colours the eyelashes right to the roots will help to give the illusion of longer lashes.

  4. Mould Your Lashes

    As you apply mascara, pull the wand upwards when pulling it through the lashes to help separate and create the illusion of thicker lashes. Zigzag gently from side to side as you go to help separate the eyelashes as much as possible. Perfect eyelashes are styled eyelashes!

  5. Remove Clumps

    Once you apply mascara over all of your lashes, close your eye and place the wand at the base of your top lashes. Pull the wand through just once to remove any unsightly clumps.

Perfect Eyelashes Summary

While mascara application is a learned skill that can be improved with consistent practice, it does also help to have the right equipment. Consider what you want to achieve from your mascara when you are considering brands, prices and formulas. Think about whether you want the mascara give you thicker lashes, longer lashes or have waterproof properties and choose your formula accordingly. Opened mascara tubes can quickly build up germs and bacteria which can lead to nasty eye irritations, so it is important to replace your mascara every 3-6months.


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