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Play Like Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Bring Fifty Shades Of Grey Into Your Bedroom With Light Bondage Play.

Whether you have been inspired by the trilogy of novels or you are just a little curious, there is no doubt that Fifty Shades of Grey has opened the eyes of many to the world of light bondage play. A far cry from the dark, scary dungeons that some may imagine, many couples find that adding a little fetish play into their bedroom repertoire can really spice things up.

In addition to enhancing the senses and adding an element of fun, restraint play between trusted lovers can also lead to a stronger emotional connection and a deeper of level of trust with one another. Whether you just want to dabble in a little light restraints and some sensory play or you want to fulfill your deepest Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy, there are a few basic restraints and fetish sex toys that everyone should have in their kit.

Still basking in the afterglow of Fifty Shades Darker and eagerly awaiting the release of the third movie, Fifty Shades Freed, we decided to dive a little deeper into the world of intimate play. In our quest for the best bondage toys to get started with, Australian company Fare L’Amore were kind enough to guide us in the right direction.

  1. Feather Ticklers

    It may feel silly at first, but using feather ticklers to tantalise and tease the skin of your lover will set all of their nerve endings alight, resulting in heightened enjoyment of any touch or kiss that follows. Feather ticklers provide a gentle and exquisite introduction to light fetish play. If you are new to the world of bondage play, a feather tickler is the perfect place to start.

    The soft plume of feather ticklers will delight the senses of the arms, legs and torso before moving to the more sensitive zones such as the breast and inner thigh. Perfect for romantic foreplay or a prelude to more adventurous bondage play, feather ticklers offer couples a safe way to enjoy sensory play.

  2. Blindfolds

    Even if they haven’t used blindfolds in the bedroom before, many people have enjoyed the thrill of sight deprivation without even realising it! Whether it was making love in the darkness of the night or a piece of clothing inadvertently falling across the eyes, many have experienced the excitement of having their lover touch, kiss and caress them when and where they least expect it. By using blindfolds to hinder a lover’s sight, the other senses of touch, smell, taste and sound are all sent into a heightened state of awareness.

    Soft blindfolds and masks will caress the eyes with a delicate touch. By providing total blackout, an eye mask can sensually hug the eyes to allow all of the other sense to completely take over during sensory play with a lover.

  3. Handcuffs

    If you are new to using restraints in the bedroom, handcuffs are a great place to start. Even if you aren’t into heavy role playing, the restriction of movement can add excitement and heighten the anticipation of what your lover will do next! When bondage play is engaged with a trusted lover, new levels of intimacy and trust can be experienced. While movement is restricted, the idea of having your lover take full control of your pleasure can be extremely freeing.

    Soft and adjustable handcuffs are the perfect introductory restraints if you are new to light bondage play. Velcro handcuffs made using soft fabric are the perfect accessory for couples to indulge in the sensuality of cuffed passion.

  4. Bed Bondage Kits

    Great for couples who are wanting to transform their bed into a exciting playground in an instant, under bed bondage kits can be hidden discreetly under the mattress and pulled out when it’s play time. This spontaneity allows couples to maintain the momentum of play, especially during role playing. Most bed restraint kits come with adjustable straps that slide under the mattress and are connected to 2 handcuffs and 2 ankle cuffs.

    The cuffs included with bed bondage kits are usually adjustable, playful and sensual – and easy enough to get out of if you really want to. Choose a set that are delightfully soft but strong enough to withstand the throws of your play time.

  5. Ben Wa Balls

    Also known as pleasure balls or Kegel balls, Ben Wa balls are weighted balls inside another ball that are designed to enhance pleasure as well as providing some effortless benefits to the pelvic floor. When the weighted spheres are inserted into the vagina, they jiggle and move to stimulate the nerve endings in the vaginal wall. The Kegel muscles contract in response to this sensation, creating an increased arousal as well as exercising the Kegel muscles at the same time. During bondage play, Ben Wa balls can be inserted prior to spanking, either with the hand or a spanker such as a flogger or a paddle. Even when the spanking is extremely gentle and sensual, the body’s response to the spanking creates an exquisite contraction around the balls.

    When it comes to choosing your perfect Ben Wa balls, remember that larger balls are easier to hold in place and are also more stimulating. In addition to being great for use during bondage play, these balls can also be worn during the day to help enhance pelvic floor strength.

  6. Floggers

    If you are new to floggers, start with one that is made from soft material, such as suede. Floggers can be used to create a variety of sensations within the one play session. Start by teasing the area by trailing the tassels over the fleshy parts of the body, prepping the nerve endings for the excitement that is yet to come. Strikes with a flogger can be as soft or as firm as the recipient wishes. While a ‘flogging’ may seem a little scary at first, the endorphins released through arousal tend to increase one’s pain threshold, making every strike feel more pleasurable rather than painful.

    When shopping for floggers, those made from super soft faux suede are the best place to start if you are green to the art of spanking. Look for a weighted handle that allows for smoother control.

  7. Massage Wands

    If you have read the first novel from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, you will remember that oh so sensual scene where Christian teases Anastasia all over her body with a vibrator. Massage wands have a reputation of being the most powerful of all the vibrators. Boasting greater power and endurance than your standard vibrator, massage wands also feature a larger massage head to offer better coverage. Offering deeply intense stimulation of the clitoris, this is the best sex toy to induce multiple orgasms in women.

    When it comes to massage wands, look for a wand that has a soft silicone massage head on a flexible neck, allowing for the transfer of intense vibrations to even the trickiest of places. Variable speed settings and vibration modes will also add some variation to sensory play.

Are You Ready To Play?

Remember that role playing and light restraint play is just that – so it should always be fun! If you are playing the role of the dominant partner, your lover is placing immense trust in you to care for them, so be sure to tend to their needs and desires before your own.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys & Fifty Shades Darker Sex Toys

Bondage play, just like any form of sexual interaction, should only be attempted with someone you completely trust. By feeling confident and safe with your lover, you will be able to relax and focus on the pleasure.


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