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How To Give An Erotic Massage

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The Gift Of Sensual Massage: Treat Your Lover To An Erotic Massage

Perhaps the most sensual gift you can offer a lover, an erotic massage is designed to illicit feelings of intense relaxation, rejuvenation and arousal. With the right techniques, it is also quite likely to bring the recipient to a divine state of orgasmic bliss! By massaging your partner’s erogenous zones, you can bring them stress relief and pleasure at the same time! In addition to being a great way to show your lover you care, nurturing your relationship through massage is a great way for lovers to learn more about each other’s bodies. While not every erotic style massage may result in orgasm, is should always be an enjoyable experience that makes the recipient feel great both on a physical and emotional level. Erotic massage allows lovers to give and receive pleasure without the pressure of performance that can sometimes accompany other forms of sexual play.

When it comes to sensual massage you can make the rules, but following a few simple tips will help make the experience enjoyable for all involved:

Setting The Mood

Before you begin the massage, make sure you set the mood by dimming the light and eliminating any distractions.

Scented candles are fantastic for creating a subdued light as well as releasing a sexy and arousing scent. In fact, why not use a candle that melts into a sensual massage oil, such as the wonderful collection of Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candles.

Have your partner take a bath using some relaxing bath oil while you are setting up. Scented bath oils or bath salts will help get them start to unwind and get them in the mood. Try the Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea Bath Salts: it will also provide the skin and muscles with extra nourishment and relaxation before you even begin.

Have your partner wear a blindfold during the massage. The soft and exquisite blindfold from the Fare L’Amore Intimate Play Collection will encourage them to relax and enjoy the moment as well as increasing the intensity of the physical sensations they are feeling.

Wearing less clothing may enhance the experience of erotic massage, however if you think your partner will be more focused on you rather than the massage, it might pay to keep some clothes on until the end of the massage.

Choose massage oils that are designed specifically for sensual massage. While some massage oils are great for external muscular relaxation, they are not appropriate for use on the genital areas or internally. Kama Sutra range includes many delightful scents that are ideal for sensual massage.

Remember never to pour massage oils directly onto the skin. Pour it into your hands and allow your own body heat to warm it up before placing it on your partner’s skin.

Erotic Massage For Her

To provide your female partner with the very best erotic massage experience, ask her to lay face down. Start by massaging the back, shoulders, hands and arms. Gently caress the buttocks before working up to a firmer circular massage of this area. When the timing is right, ask her to turn over. Massage her chest, with light strokes over the nipples. Once her arousal has increased, you can begin a more intimate genital massage.

Using on hand to caress her body, use the other to gently rub her vulva up and down. As your partner becomes more aroused, she will begin to secrete lubrication, indicating it is time to progress to some clitoral stimulation. If your partner seems ready for the next step but isn’t generating much lubrication, be sure to apply some personal lubricant before proceeding to any clitoral massage.

To massage the clitoris, begin with a light touch and increase the pressure to match her level of arousal. Continue to stroke the clitoris using circular of figure eight motions. Keep the rhythm slow and steady, gently increasing the amount of pressure. At this point, your partner may enjoy the use of sexual enhancers to increase sensitivity and enhance their sexual responses even more. Products such as warming lubricants or sexual accelerator gels can draw extra blood to the area to heighten sensitivity and to increase female pleasure. If your partner does orgasm at this point, move onto labia massage as the clitoris will be highly sensitive for a few moments afterwards.

Once your partner is fully aroused, start exploring her internally. Use your finger to massage the front wall of the vagina to stimulate the G spot. Massage this area by hooking your finger, with palm facing upward, and moving your finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. During this time you can continue to stimulate the clitoris with the other hand if she seems to enjoy this.

Finish the massage by caressing her vaginal walls with your fingers. This should be done gently and with purpose, rather than just thrusting your fingers in and out of the vaginal canal. At this point you might like to use a vibrator to provide her with an exquisite internal massage while you continue to circle her clitoris. If she hasn’t already, it is likely at this point she will reach orgasm. If you or she prefers, you may like to massage her internal walls with your fingers while concentrating the vibrator onto her clitoris. This way you can enjoy the sensation of her squeezing against your fingers as she reaches her peak.

If you feel like you might fumble this part, there are a range of personal vibrators that can help provide foolproof massage to the internal and external erogenous zones of the female body.

Once the massage is complete, allow your partner to relax completely. Keep the room quiet, hold her gently and let her fall asleep in your arms if she wishes.

Erotic Massage For Him

Ask your man to begin laying face down. Start with light strokes to the back and shoulder muscles in a slow, circular motion. Work your way to the buttocks, using firmer pressures to work the fleshier parts. With the buttocks and anus being an intense erogenous zone, your partner is likely to start becoming aroused at this point.

Turn your partner over and have him sit in a reclined position or laying with some pillows behind his back and neck for support.

While some men may appreciate a little massage to their chest and some light strokes over their nipples, others will prefer you take your attention lower. Before touching his genitals, increase anticipation by massaging the inner thigh area. A few strategically placed kisses on his thigh or stomach will increase arousal even more.

Using a body safe massage oil or a lubricant, begin massaging the shaft of the penis and the testicles using gentle fingertip pressure.

While one hand continues to work the shaft, use the other hand to externally stimulate the prostate by rubbing and stroking the perineum (the skin between the balls and anus).

To pay special attention to the shaft of the penis, gently squeeze the base of the penis with one hand, lifting your hand up and off. Alternate hands and repeat this motion in a rhythmical motion for as long as your partner seems to enjoy it. Reverse the direction of the stroked by starting at the head of the penis and sliding your hand down to the base. Add in some gentle twisting motions that caress the head and the shaft of the penis.

If your partner enjoys anal stimulation, use a well lubricated finger to massage the opening of the rectum. This will start to relax the anal sphincter and will also get the thousands of nerve endings in this area fired up! Once you think he is ready, insert your finger an inch or two. The prostate can be felt as a lump or a mound approximately 1-2 inches inside the entrance on the front wall of the anal cavity. Once you have located the prostate, gently stroke it in a ‘come hither’ motion, increasing your speed according to your partner’s reactions. Keep sliding your other hand up and down his shaft with the other hand to offer him a truly mind blowing experience. If you are not sure what you are doing, specially designed prostate stimulators such as the Fare L’Amore Alessandro will certainly provide a more fool proof result.

For your partner to enjoy his massage it to it’s full potential, it might be worth creating a signal that indicates to you that you need to slow down or change technique if he is close to ejaculation. This enables you to extend the massage and provide your partner with a more intense and relaxing experience. His penis may go hard and soft several times throughout the massage. Reassure your partner that this is actually a desirable effect of the erotic massage experience.

As the massage is nearing the end and your partner is ready to climax, focus on one or two strokes that you know he enjoys. Once your partner has ejaculated, gently move your hands away and allow him to rest uninterrupted for at least 10 minutes.

Erotic Massage In Summary

During the massage, remember to watch for verbal and non-verbal feedback from your lover. This can allow you to focus pressure and stimulation on the areas that provide them with the most pleasure.

To take out some of the guess work, incorporate the use of lubricants and sex toys into your erotic massage. Vibrators, massage wands and prostate stimulators will add an element of additional pleasure that your partner is sure to appreciate.
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Above all else, focus on the pleasure of the moment and have fun exploring each other’s bodies.


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