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Nail Polish Ideas To Suit Any Occasion

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Nail Polish Ideas & Tips: Paint Your Nails To Suit Any Occasion.

With so many different nail polish ideas around these days, it can be more than a little confusing to figure out which colour to paint your nails. There are a rage of different polish colours that are acceptable and suitable for different occasions. Polish can go much further than just making nails and hands look more attractive. The condition and colour of your nails say a lot about different aspects of your personality. Whether you want to make sure you get that job or you just want to make a great impression on your first date, be sure to pay attention to what your nail polish colours are saying about you.

So should you match your toe polish with your hands? Should you wear black nail polish to a funeral? Should you wear bold, bright colours to a wedding? Trying out different nail polish ideas can be fun and are also a great way of expressing your individuality. For help with different tips and to find the perfect shades for any occasion, try some of the options below:

  1. Job Interviews

    For interviews it’s best to keep your nails short, clean and paint your nails using soft tones such as a pink or a neutral colour. An employer is most likely looking for someone who is clean, tidy and organised so make sure your finger nails reflect this about you. Don’t use bright colours that draw attention to your nails; after all, you want the attention to be on you!

  2. Attending Weddings

    If you are a guest at a wedding, remember it is the bride’s day and the attention should be focused towards her. When choosing a colour to match your outfit, also try to keep your nail polish soft so it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention.

  3. Your Wedding Day

    All the attention should be on you and it’s your chance to feel glamorous! Most of your outfit, including your wedding dress, your hair and most importantly your wedding ring are all likely to be quite dramatic. The best way to compliment this look is to keep your nails understated. French manicures or very light colours are often a popular choice.

  4. Funerals

    While it may be tradition to wear black clothing to a funeral, avoid wearing black nail polish. It’s far too dark and morbid. Keep nails simple and neat with clear gloss polish.

  5. First Date

    First dates are the perfect time to get a little adventurous with your nail polish colours. Opt for deep, seductive shades of nail polish that match your outfit. In addition to the classic bold pinks and deep reds, shimmering shades of peach or cherry can also be quite appealing.

  6. Wedding Anniversary

    When celebrating special memories you might consider one of two paths when choosing the right nail polish colour for the occasion. To set the mood, paint your nails a romantic colour such as a classic soft pink. You may also wish to honor wonderful memories by wearing the nail polish colour you used to wear when your were dating.

  7. Holidays

    Holidays are a fantastic time to get adventurous with your nails and test out current nail polish trends. Be bold and daring with your nail polish colours and don’t be afraid to test drive some nail art or crackle polish. Remember if you are on a Summer holiday, your toes are going to get a lot more air time, so make sure they are treated with as much love and attention as your finger nails.

  8. High School Reunion

    High school reunions can be stressful enough without worrying about your nail polish so be sure the nail polish you wear is a colour you are already comfortable wearing. Finding the balance between drawing a little positive attention without drawing unwanted attention is paramount on this occasion. Match your nail polish shade to your outfit and choose a nail polish that has a gentle haze or shimmer.

  9. Girl’s Night Out

    A night out on the town is definitely a fantastic excuse to make your nail polish fun and sassy. While party time is definitely suggestive of silver, glitter or metallic nail polish colours, ruby red or amethyst purple nail polish can also make a fun bold statement. As long as it matches your outfit and you feel comfortable, anything goes.

  10. Casual Catch Up

    Catching up with friends for a coffee should have a casual, relaxed feel about it so let your nails match the occasion. Choose soft, calm nail polish colours such as pink, coral or even a clear gloss.

Your nails are an expression of your personality and your individuality, so don’t be afraid to test drive different nail polish ideas! When you are experimenting with a new trend, it’s always best to test drive it well before the important event you have purchased it for. While there are some occasions. that definitely require bright, bold colourful nail polish shades, remember that your nail polish should compliment the rest of your look, not take over. If in doubt, steer away from current nail polish trends and go for the safe alternative of keeping your nails simple, neat and elegant using neutral nail polish colours that match your skin tone.


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