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Benefits Of Cooking With Gas

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Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Cooking With Gas Appliances!

Whether you are baking, boiling or frying in the kitchen, a reliable heating source will give you the best possible results. While electricity has certainly made our lives easier in so many ways, natural gas still remains the energy choice for many chefs, bakers and homes across Australia.

Cooking with gas can offer many benefits when compared with using electric ovens and stove tops. Just about any food that can be cooked using an electric oven or cooktop can also be cooked using gas. If you are considering making the switch from electric to gas appliances, then read below to find out about the many benefits that can be enjoyed by cooking with gas.

  1. Immediate Heat

    When using a gas cooktop, your food is immediately exposed to the amount of heat that you desire. With electric stoves, the surface of the stove top must first heat up in order to transfer the heat to your cookware.

  2. Even Heat Distribution

    Gas allows for even heat distribution both inside the oven and on the stove top. If you find yourself frustrated when your electric oven burns the outside of your meal, leaving the inside under-cooked, then switching to natural gas may be a great solution.

  3. Complete Temperature Control

    One of the biggest reasons that chefs prefer to use natural gas for cooking is that they can control the temperature. With a simple turn of the dial, the flame can be made larger or smaller, so there is no latent heating effect that can lead to food burning or over-cooking.

  4. Less wasted Heat

    As soon as you turn off gas cooktops, the flame goes out and the burner immediately cools. When an electric cook top is turned off, it takes time for the element to cool down, posing a safety risk as well as releasing heat into air, which could be an issue in Summer time.

  5. Power Cut? No Worries!

    Even if your electricity supply is cut off, you still have access to a nice warm meal when you’re cooking with gas!

  6. Affordability

    In addition to being an affordable fossil fuel, gas requires less heating time, so you generally use less energy every time you cook with gas rather than with electricity. While the initial cost of gas ovens may be a little more expensive than the electric equivalents, the operating costs of using gas appliances are much less than that of electric.

  7. Cleaner Fuel

    Using natural gas as an energy source is better for the environment than using electricity. Gas exhaust products are much less harmful to the environment than the bi-products created when burning coal to produce electricity.

In Summary

Using gas ovens and gas cooktops for cooking provides many households with an environmentally friendly, efficient and responsive alternative to electric ovens and stove tops. In addition to the obvious financial and environmental benefits, the responsiveness of gas makes it a delight to cook with. If you want to save money, look after the environment and get better results from your stove, make the switch to gas appliances today and you will be ‘cooking with gas’ in no time!


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