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5 Easy Steps To Remove Clutter From Your Home

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Top De-cluttering Tips: Remove Clutter Quickly For A Clutter-Free Home!

It stands to reason that a clutter-free home helps lead to a calm, happy environment, so why do so many people hesitate to remove clutter from their home? When your space is organised and clear, you are more likely to think clearly and rationally. Keeping your home free from clutter can have many significant health benefits. Besides improved hygiene, a clutter free environment is also more likely to reduce stress levels and free you from the burden of wasting time madly searching for items you have misplaced.

De-cluttering your home does not need to be time consuming or expensive. You don’t need to invest days at a time in cleaning and you most certainly don’t need to invest in fancy storage solutions. Some nice boxes or crates can be useful, but they do not need to be expensive. Start by putting in a little effort to get organised, then simply follow some simple daily de-cluttering tips to keep your home clutter free and organised.

  1. Give Everything A Home.

    Assign a designated resting place for absolutely everything that might normally land on places such as the kitchen bench or the floor. Keep and in-tray for receipts, allocate hooks or bowls for keys and sunglasses and make sure there is a place in an accessible drawer for items such as phone chargers, business cards and anything else that might fall out of your hand bag or wallet. Remove clutter from the floor by using attractive receptacles, such as baskets or decorated boxes, for things like sporting equipment and hats. Shelving can be used as ‘lockers’ for shoes and school bags. An organised home is a clutter-free home, after all!

  2. Prioritise Your Storage Spaces

    Make sure you have easy access to the items you use regularly. If items are not easy to get out and put back away, there is an increased likelihood that they will stay out ‘ready for next time’. Items that aren’t used very often should be placed at the back of cupboards or out in the shed. Items that are used most regularly should be kept in or close to the location they are most regularly used.

  3. Give Each Room The Tools It Requires To Stay Tidy

    Keep cleaning utensils handy in the locations they are likely to be required. For example, extra dust pans and waste bins placed strategically around the house might be a good idea if the large, bulky vacuum cleaner is usually kept at the other end of the house. Disinfecting wipes and a small waste bin in the bathroom and toilet will encourage each user to clean up after themselves.

  4. Never Leave A Room Empty Handed

    This is perhaps one of the simplest but most effective de-cluttering tips you can teach your family. Before you leave a room, scan your eyes around the room to see if there are any items that belong in the room to which you are headed. It’s a great idea to get everyone in the household into this habit, but even if only one person does, this, it can equate to up to 20 items being placed back in their correct position each day!

  5. Be Consistent

    The key to keeping your house tidy and free from clutter is to be consistent. Do a little bit of tidying each day rather than feeling overwhelmed at the need to spend the entire day cleaning up. Maintaining a tidy home is an ongoing process, not a once-off event. If you are having trouble getting into this routine you might like to pick a motivational song to play once every day while you quickly go around the house putting as many items as possible back where they belong. You might just be surprised as to what can be achieved in the space of one song!

Get Organised and Be Consistent!

In summary, once you have invested a little time and effort into these de-cluttering tips and your feels home organised, all you need to keep your home tidy is a little consistency. While some of the larger home projects may need to be placed on a separate ‘chore list’, following the simple rules above should help to remove clutter that is often created simply by living in your home. By consistently keeping a clutter-free home, you ultimately save time on house work, which means you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.


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