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5 Simple Ways To Add Sex Appeal To Your Bedroom

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Seductive Bedroom Ideas To Add Bedroom Sex Appeal.

While sex can be fun and exciting anywhere, the bedroom remains the dominant sex shrine for many. In addition to sleeping, the joint bed is also often the place where two people spend time connecting and, yes, having sex. Bedrooms can sometimes also end up being the centre point for many other activities such as dressing, grooming, reading, watching TV and even working on the lap top. All these seemingly innocent distractions can contribute to reducing your bedroom sex appeal.

Bedrooms should create the vibes for sleep and sex, not work or chores. Bedrooms should feel sensual, comfortable and inviting at all times. If hot sex is on your radar, follow these seductive bedroom ideas for setting the mood to improve the sex appeal of your bedroom.

  1. Setting The Mood

    Clutter is a distraction and a mood killer. Keep clothes away in the hamper or the wardrobe rather than on the floor or draped over chairs. Don’t leave work documents lying around and keep health products such as medication and anti-fungal creams tucked away in the drawer.

    Any wall art should be nice prints that blend in with the theme of the room rather than standing out and being a distraction. Also take down any tacky posters of pop stars or films. The bedroom is also not the ideal place for photos of family and pets; there’s nothing like a portrait of Great Aunty Agnes to help kill bedroom sex appeal.

    Avoid harsh lighting when you are trying to set the mood. While bright lights feel clinical, pitch black darkness can be extremely awkward, so opt for soft, gentle lighting offered by dimmers or lamps. Candles are perhaps one of the most seductive bedroom ideas, as candlelight is the most flattering light on the skin. If you’re not usually a candle person, try the quality range of Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candles – a range of exotic scented candles that melt into delightfully warm, sensual massage oils!

    Use good quality, soft sheets with a high thread count. The luxurious sensation of good quality sheets with a high thread count on the skin should not be underestimated when it comes to setting the mood for sex. Always have your bed made to create the illusion of a fresh bed. There is nothing more off putting than feeling like you are jumping into an already ‘used’ bed.

    Even if you are currently single, always set your bedroom up for two. Ensure your bed is positioned to allow access from both sides with a bedside table set for each person. To make each person feel equally invited and welcome there should be two lamps, two glasses of water and two towels in place at all times.

  2. Be Prepared!

    There is nothing more awkward than fumbling around in the heat of the moment for things such as sex toys, massage oils, condoms and personal lubricants. In fact this can sometimes be an instant mood killer! Make sure you have easy acces to everything you might need for your romantic evening!

  3. Charge Up!

    Ensure any sex toys such as cock rings or vibrators are fully charged or have new batteries in them. Setting the mood is important, and nothing is more of a buzz killer than your favourite toy going flat in the middle of a love session!

  4. Bondage Play

    If you enjoy a little light bondage play, have your favourite bondage toys ready to go. Even if it is a surprise for your lover, you could have an under bed bondage system tucked under the mattress, ready for you to add the cuffs in a flash! When it comes to sex toys such as feather ticklers and spanking paddles, it’s up to you whether you want to have them tucked away within easy reach or whether you lay them out ready to go. It might be a nice touch to have a blindfold and feather tickler laying out on the bed to set the scene ready for your lover, then you can surprise them with your other toys as the evening unfolds!

  5. Other Hot Tips

    When trying to improve bedroom sex appeal, you might also like to consider some other environmental aspects of the room. When choosing wall colours remember that white is generally quite clinical and uninviting. Warm, deep tones such as plum or burgundy can help to make the bedroom feel more inviting. Fresh air is lovely but a draft can be a libido killer. While background noise such as some gentle music can help with setting the mood, keep any screens including the TV turned off!


Enjoy more hot sex in bed by following these simple seductive bedroom ideas to improve the sex appeal of your bedroom. If you are looking for new ways to spice up your love making, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer a huge range of adult sex toys and accessories that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online and have delivered discreetly anywhere across Australia via Australia Post.


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