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5 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

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Heal Your Broken Heart And Learn To Love After Being Heartbroken

Broken hearts may be a part of life but that doesn’t make them any less painful if you are the one going through it. Sometimes the pain of losing someone or being betrayed by someone you love can make it difficult to love and trust again. No matter the reason for feeling heartbroken, there is never an easy or quick solution when it comes to healing. It may take time, but you can take steps to help move past heartbreak and enjoy a fulfilling, happy life once again.

  1. Allow Yourself To Feel The Pain

    When you have been hurt or have lost someone that you love, grief is a normal (even expected) emotion. Understand that while grieving is part of the process it is a step on the pathway to recovery from being heartbroken. It is not a destination in which to stay and wallow.

  2. Invest In Yourself

    The ability to move past heartbreak lies within the person who’s heart has been broken. Take time to do the things that you love to do and that make you feel happy. Invest time in getting to know yourself better and you will soon realise that in this world there is no better person to strengthen your heart than yourself.

  3. Get busy

    Spending time on a project, going out with friends or exercising will help to heal your broken heart. Investing time in helping someone else (volunteering for a local organisation or helping your sister paint that spare room) can help you to feel valued as a person as well as taking your mind off of things.

  4. Avoidance Behaviour Is Ok

    Make a list of all the activities that are likely to make you feel good and which ones will just bring back painful memories. If going to a particular place is going to elicit memories that make you feel sad, avoid it for the time being. If a mutual friend is likely to want to gossip to you about your ex, try having coffee with a brand new friend who doesn’t even know their name. If there are photos, songs or movies that you know will make you feel sad, delete them or hide them!

  5. Start Fresh

    If everything in your life is reminding you of your broken heart, start creating your own safe world full of new things that are all about you! Take the opportunity to make new friends and try new things, like taking a course or joining a sporting club. Starting a new chapter of your life doesn’t mean you need to forget the rest of the story. It simply means you are opening your mind to progressing forward.

Hope, Love And Trust All Over Again

While it can help to learn from and acknowledge your mistakes, there is no sense in letting past heartbreaks stop you from loving and trusting again. There are no certainties when it comes to love. There is no definite way of protecting yourself from heartbreak and there is no set way of knowing if your heart will get broken again. What you can be sure of is that if you were to become heartbroken again, you now have the knowledge, inner strength and skills to heal your broken heart, stronger than ever before!


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