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Mr B Vibrating Couples Enhancer Vibrating Cock Ring Review

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Mr B Vibrating Couples Enhancer: The Ultimate Vibrating Cock Ring For Couples!

Designed to enhance the enjoyment experienced by both partners, vibrating cock rings usually feature a small vibrator attached to a stretchy enhancement ring that holds the vibrator in place while also serving the purpose of providing erectile support.

While cock rings that vibrate are designed to be worn by him, they are one of the most popular sex toys for couples to enjoy together, due to the vibrations that can be enjoyed by both partners equally.

With this month being all about mutual pleasure, we were excited to road test the Mr B Vibrating Couples Enhancer donated to us by Fare L’Amore, completing the trifecta of luxury Mr B sex toys we have reviewed that included the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer and Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine.

What is the Mr B Vibrating Couples Enhancer?

Held in place by a stretchy silicone loop, the generously sized vibrator is ergonomically shaped to nestle between two bodies without getting the way. Featuring an easy USB charging system and 6 vibration patterns, this rechargeable cock ring comes complete with a stylish hard cover storage container and satin bag.

Key Features

  • Total Length: 11cm
  • Inner Ring Diameter: 3.2cm
  • 6 Vibration Patterns
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Material: Body Safe Silicone
  • Safety Features: Free from Phthalates
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable (cable included)
  • Snap-lock Hardcover Box Included
  • Satin Storage Bag Included

How To Use The Vibrating Couples Enhancer

  • Ensure the enhancer is fully charged before use by plugging in the USB charger. While charging the light on the power button of the enhancer will flash. Once charging is complete the light will remain solid.
  • Using a little water based lubricant, place the enhancer over the tip of the penis and slide it down the shaft to the base. If you want to stimulate the clitoris, position the vibrator at accordingly. If you want to enjoy the sensation of deep, rumbling vibrations through the testicles, turn the enhancer upside down.
  • Hold the power button for 1 second to turn the vibration function on.
  • Click the power button again to select from the 6 vibration settings.
  • To turn the vibrations off, hold the power button down for 3 seconds.

What Results Can You Expect?

Even though the size of the silicone ring may seem small at first glance, the stretchy silicone possesses a fabulous ability to conform to a variety of sizes. Offering enough stretch to accommodate a larger penis, the constriction provided to even a slightly smaller penis is still enough to offer extra erectile support and hold the vibrating stimulator in place.

Another way to adapt the amount of constriction provided is to place the ring around the entire shaft and testicle area. If the main goal is clitoral stimulation for the partner, then just placing the ring over the shaft of the penis will be enough to hold things in place.

So Many Ways To Play!

  • The large play area of the vibrator allows for uninterrupted contact with the clitoris during sex. While being worn as a cock ring, the vibrating stimulator can also lay along the length of the shaft to be inserted and stimulate the G spot, something many other vibrating cock rings don’t cater for.
  • To stimulate the perineum or the testicles simply spin the vibrator around to the underside of the penile shaft.
  • The vibrating stimulator is also the perfect size for couples to explore anal play, simply add a little bit of lube and insert the vibrating portion into the rectum, while using the ring as a finger loop for safety. The stimulator can also be used as an anal vibrator while being worn by the man to offer the woman a double penetration experience.
  • The silicone enhancer ring can also slide onto one or two fingers to transform this versatile couples sex toy into the ultimate finger vibe. With the silicone loop around the fingers, the stimulator nestles against the natural curves of the fingers for an incredible G spot massage or simply some erogenous foreplay.

The USB rechargeable motor offers 6 different vibration functions, all powerful in their own right. The side power button is easy to access while being worn, so changing the pace in the middle of play is no issue at all.

Made from seamless, medical grade silicone, this vibrating enhancer is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Unlike some other rechargeable cock rings, the Mr B is also fully waterproof.

What To Look Out For

The curved shape of the vibrator does allow for better stimulation during imaginative play, but if you have it facing the wrong way you might find it uncomfortable. While you can’t always plan ahead, try to think about what positions you are likely to be in and what part of the body you want the vibrator to stimulate. For example, if you are enjoying a missionary romp, the clitoris will be best stimulated with the curve on top and facing away from the wearer. If testicular excitement is on the menu, place the stimulator underneath the shaft and make sure the C curve follows the natural curve of the testis.

If you are new to using cock rings, practice a few times on your own before the ‘unveiling’. A little bit of water based lubricant will help improve comfort when sliding the ring on and off.

As this versatile toy can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation, be sure to practice good hygiene at all times, remembering that once a toy has entered the anal cavity it should not be inserted into the vagina or anywhere else until it has been thoroughly cleaned. Make sure you have some good quality antibacterial toy cleaner handy.

Buying Tips

If don’t already own some, investing in some water based lubricant will help improve comfort and enhance pleasure. Avoid using silicone based lubes with any silicone sex toys, as there is a chance they may react with the toy to create erosion.

When ordering your enhancer online, for peace of mind it pays to make sure your product comes with a warranty. When purchased directly from Fare L’Amore, based in Australia, the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer comes with a 5 year warranty!

Final Verdict

When it comes to versatile sex toys for couples, the Vibrating Couples Enhancer really does offer so much more than the standard vibrating cock ring! The wearer can enjoy the perfect amount of squeeze, giving them a firmer, longer lasting erection along with the heightened pleasure experienced through the combined efforts of engorgement and vibrational stimulation. Shaped perfectly for a variety of erogenous play, the vibrating stimulator lends itself to clitoral, G spot and anal pleasures for the receiver. Packaged in a classy hard cover storage case, this enhancer makes the perfect erotic gift for a lover. If value for money and variety in play is what you are after, then Mr B definitely fits the bill!

Ticking all the boxes for power, reliability, versatility and affordability, our team of couples reviewers here at Health & Wellbeing Australia have rated the Mr B Vibrating Couples Enhancer the Best Sex Toy For Couples Under $100 for July 2017, and are now getting some sleep.

Mr B Vibrating Couples Enhancer

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