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Top 12 Work From Home Ideas

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Earn A Steady Income With These Work From Home Ideas.

If you have the desire to work from home, it certainly comes with many financial benefits and lifestyle benefits that many people find appealing. In addition to the financial benefit of only paying for one set of utility bills, working from home also reduces time wasted commuting and allows you to maximise your work day around your other lifestyle needs. For many mothers of young children, working from home allows them to better juggle the demands of home life with the need to make a steady income.

Many home based businesses do require the use of the internet and a computer, but if sitting a computer every day isn’t for you there are still many options for working from home that might be worth consideration. For some home based jobs you may need more skills than others, but most importantly you need a can-do attitude and the self discipline to stay focused and productive during your ‘work hours’

  1. Child Minder/Pet Minder

    There are official organisations who can help you become qualified and work from home looking after other peoples children. If animals are more your thing, consider ‘animal-proofing’ your home and setting up a pet-minding business.

  2. Ironing/Sewing/Mending

    If you are handy with a sewing machine, consider setting up your own clothing care service. You could offer washing, ironing, sewing and mending services. You may even decide to broaden the scope of what you can offer your customers by investing in an embroidery machine.

  3. Transcriber

    Many people in the medical profession require transcribers to type client notes into files that have been verbally taken via dictaphone. A computer, internet, a set of headphones and the ability to type and spell well are all you need. You may need to sit an on-line test before you are given any work.

  4. Translator

    If you speak more than one language, you could earn extra income being a translator.

  5. Copywriter/Article Writer

    If you can type at a decent pace and you have good spelling and grammar, then this could be the job for you. There are many on-line companies looking for people to write informative and accurate articles of interest for their websites.

  6. Virtual Personal Assistant

    With lives being so busy these days, many business people are finding they benefit from having a ‘virtual’ personal assistant. Similar to the original ‘PA’, you would perform errands on your bosses behalf and help them to organise and maximise their day. From the comfort of your own home, you could be anything from making phone calls through to scheduling appointments.

  7. Data Entry

    Depending on the companies requirements, you may need some level of training to perform data entry on your computer at home. To ensure a steady flow of work it may be an idea to work for a third party who provide ‘data entry’ services to a number of different clients.

  8. Direct Sales

    With on-line shopping becoming a popular choice for the busy consumer, direct sales companies have also experienced a recent ‘boom’. While you may need to travel to customers sometimes, having your own direct sales business does allow you the flexibility to work around other home and lifestyle commitments.

  9. U-Tube

    Posting ‘demonstration’ or ‘instruction videos’ on U-Tube isn’t just a ‘fun’ way to past the time. Once you reach a certain number of hits, you actually get paid!

  10. Take On-Line Surveys

    There are many companies who are willing to pay you for your opinion! Just be careful to register only with legitimate research companies. Also be sure of your pay conditions. Some companies pay better than others, and some pay in the form of gift vouchers rather than pay cheques.

  11. Health & Beauty

    A home beauty salon at home means that you can better negotiate home duties. There are many short courses available for beauty treatments such as acrylic nails, skin care, waxing and even massage therapy.

  12. Own Your Own Online Business

    If you have your own little passion or hobby, why not turn it into an income with your very own online business! If you are crafty, you could make your own products then advertise them on your own website.

Beware The Dangers

If you are considering working from home for an on-line business, make sure the company is a genuine entity that is offering a genuine service or product. If you are searching on line for a work from home opportunity, genuine businesses will always offer you a way to make contact with a real human being by offering a phone number or a fixed business address. Avoid responding to websites that only offer a ‘contact form’. Once you have established that the company is genuine, be clear regarding how and what you get paid. Some work from home opportunities require a lot of work for very little pay, so be sure you understand completely what you are committing to before it is too late.


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