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10 Fantastic Date Night Ideas

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Easy Dating Tips! Make Date Nights Fun With These 10 Date Night Ideas.

Whether you are looking for some date night ideas to spice up a current relationship or want to make a great impression on your first date, there are many interesting dating ideas that stretch beyond a simple picnic, dinner or the movies. No matter what your budget is or whether you can find a baby sitter, let your imagination run wild with these fantastic dating tips that are fun and original!

  1. Local Shows

    Local theatre productions or amateur comedy shows are much more accessible and affordable than traditional ‘box office’ productions. The atmosphere is also likely to more casual, allowing yourself and you date to chat during the show.

  2. Back To School

    If you know the school or university that your date used to attend, keep an eye out for upcoming events. Many schools and universities have fundraising evenings with guests speakers or open nights and student displays. Your date will be sure to get a kick out of sharing old memories with you. Not only does it show them that you are interested in their life, but it is a great conversation starter for topics such as past partners and future aspirations.

  3. Get Physical

    It may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to dating tips, but exercising together is definitely one way to heat up a relationship! Create a ‘triathlon’ of events that you can compete in. You can incorporate your favourite sports or hobbies. For example, you might have a competition to see who can shoot the most hoops in one minute, who can do the most push-ups before collapsing or who can get the best score on an interactive game console.

  4. Take A Class

    Research classes that are available in your local area that you think both yourself and your date would enjoy together. Classes such as cooking, pottery or even DJing lessons can be a fun way to spend time together and get to know each other better.

  5. Light The Fire

    As corny as it may seem, nothing is more romantic than an open fire, some good wine and soft music. This is a great idea if you have kids and have limited baby sitters, as you can create a date night in your lounge room once the kids have gone to bed. Rather than turning the TV on, break out some of the kids board games. From battle ships or cards through to Monopoly or quiz games, a little bit of healthy competition can be fun in a relationship.

  6. Pick Strawberries

    Many strawberry farms will allow you to pick your own strawberries. While the idea of fruit picking may not seem appealing at first, being surrounded by nature and carefully selecting your own food to take home can be surprisingly fun.

  7. Visit A Chocolate Factory

    If chocolate doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are many other places that offer tours. You could visit your local brewery, winery or even the local race track.

  8. Long Distance Movie Date

    If work or distance is keeping you apart more than what you would like, the usual date night ideas are out of the question, so try booking in a long distance movie date. Commit to watching the same movie at exactly the same time. Have the same foods (for example, the same brand of cheese and wine). Text and call each other throughout the movie to comment just as if you were in the same room together.

  9. Refreshingly Cultural

    Visit an art gallery or a museum. While each capital city tends to boast at least one major art gallery and museum, there are often many smaller places that may be local and more accessible. For example, there may be a maritime museum or small art gallery promoting small, lesser known artists within the community.

  10. Bucket List

    Ask your date to write down the top five things on her ‘bucket list’ (things he/she hasn’t done yet but would like to). Write down your own top five, then take it in turns each date night (or day) fulfilling the joint bucket list. By writing down five ideas each, you have just created your very own personalised ‘top ten’ dating ideas for date night!

Dating Tips Summary

While you can get as imaginative as you like when coming up with date night ideas, remember the reason for the event! Dates are focused time slots for two people to spend time getting to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. Whatever you decide to do for your next date night, be sure to put some thought into what your date is likely to enjoy.


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