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5 Health Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller

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Self-Myofascial Release Using A Foam Roller Has Many Health Benefits.

A foam roller is a large cylindrical piece of foam of a specific density that is used to perform myofascial release on one self. This form of massage that is performed with the goal of releasing muscle tightness or trigger points within the muscles. Among other health benefits, this style of massage helps your muscles to be more elastic and healthy which reduces pain and improves function.

Self-myofascial and trigger point therapy release using a foam roller has been used by athletes and therapists for many years. With recent information revealing the significant health benefits associated with foam rolling, this form of self-myofascial release has become a routine practice for people of all ages and fitness levels.

  1. Foam Rolling Reduces Pain and Injuries

    Rolling the foam cylinder across your muscles and tendons stimulates the sensory receptors which enhances relaxation, just like a massage. By improving muscle condition and joint movement, foam rolling is also likely to help prevent body imbalances that may predispose you to injury.

  2. Foam Rolling Improves Flexibility

    Exercise can cause micro tears in muscle tissue which over time can lead to small adhesions between the layers of tissue. This is felt as tightness, stiffness and reduced flexibility. Adequate stretching and massage using a foam roller helps to smooth out and lengthen muscles.

  3. Foam Rolling Improves Healing

    Foam rolling stimulates extra blood flow to the area, allowing better exchange of nutrients and waste products which leads to better cellular function. Improved circulation speeds up workout recovery times and maximises muscle performance.

  4. You Control Your Therapy

    In addition to being accessible on a daily basis, you can control how much pressure you apply to your tissues. Just a few minutes of foam rolling each day could possibly replace some of those painful sports massages. Working on a problem area for a few minutes, several times a day is more likely to be more effective than a lengthy treatment once or twice per week.

  5. Foam Rolling Saves Money

    Good quality foam rollers are available from most gyms and sports stores at reasonable prices and tend to last a long time if looked after. Daily foam rolling results in improved condition of muscle and soft tissue within the body, reducing reliance on hands-on therapy such as physiotherapy and massage.

Does Foam Rolling Hurt?

Just like the health benefits you might receive from a deep tissue massage, foam rolling helps to break up adhesions formed between muscle layers and surrounding tissues. If tight muscles or trigger points are present in the tissue being targeted, foam rolling can feel uncomfortable. Discomfort levels should reduce with regular myofascial release of problem tissues. Foam rolling is designed to improve the condition of the soft tissues in the body and should never be used over joints or bones. For further information regarding which foam rolling exercises are appropriate for you, talk to your local doctor, therapist or personal trainer.


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