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Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators Review

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Cascade: The World’s First Self Lubricating Vibrators!

Thanks to the thought, care and innovation from Cascade, the world’s first self lubricating vibrators are changing the way women enjoy their intimate moments!

Any woman who owns a vibrator understands just how important adequate lubrication is. Adding the perfect amount of personal lubricant at the crucial time can mean the difference between a wet and wild ride or a slippery slide towards nothing but a disappointing mess. If you don’t add enough personal lubricant to your vibrator, insertion can be a little uncomfortable and the vibrations won’t resonate through the silicone to your nerve endings as easily. If you add too much lubricant, you end up with nothing more than a sticky mess to clean up!

Every woman experiences varying amounts of natural lubrication throughout different stages of her life. Hormonal changes brought on by the aging process, pregnancy and menopause are likely to result in almost every woman experiencing vaginal dryness at some point. During these times, personal lubricant becomes an absolute necessity – so what if you could own a vibrator that provided just the right amount of lubrication on command? Well, now you can!

Although in limited supply in Australia, we were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these exquisite self lubricating vibrators thanks to Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers, who were happy to help us spread the love a little further!

What is Cascade?

Using LubePlay self lubricating technology, Cascade have developed the world’s first self lubricating vibrators! With a clear vision of changing how women are able to enjoy their pleasure experiences for the better, this ingenious silicone dampening system was born! Allowing women to control how much lubrication is dispensed with a simple push of a button and no need for messy lubricant tubes, this clever invention also allows for seamless play. This self lubricating vibrator abolishes the need to search for lube mid-passion and also leaves the other hand free to do what it pleases!

The detachable cascade sheaths are available in 4 different colours and 3 different textures:

The Flow is smooth, seamless sheath that allows for sleek pleasure and easy insertion.

The Ripple features a rippled tip designed especially for G spot pleasure, bit also offers incredible sensations to external erogenous zones such as the clitoris.

The Wave offers new and exciting waves of pleasure, an absolute delight for both internal and external erogenous zones.

All 3 textures are available in pink, blue and purple when you purchase the Cascade self lubricating vibrator, and can also be purchased separately if you want to add some variety to your collection.

The sexy black Twilight Self lubricating vibrators are available in all three textures of Flow, Ripple and Wave. They also come with their very own zip up storage bag.

How Does It Work?

The removable cartridge is tucked away inside the vibrator head. The interchangeable sheath comes in 4 colours and 3 different textures – so you can add variety to your play without needing to buy a whole new vibrator! When you push the LubePlay button during play, the vibrator will automatically dispense just the right amount of lubrication, dampening the silicone just enough that you can enjoy comfortable insertion and amazing sensations without creating a sticky mess all over your sheets.

Cascade Interchangeable System

Key Features

  • LubePlay Self Lubricating Technology
  • 3 Vibration Settings
  • 3 Vibration patterns of steady, pulsation or escalation
  • USB Magnetic Charger (Charge Time: 4 Hours, User Time: Up To 4 Hours)
  • Length: 24cm
  • Insertable Length: 13.5cm
  • Made from Body Safe Materials
  • Includes 22ml water based lubricant cartridge
  • Easy Travel Lock Feature
  • Noise Level: Less than 50dB

How To Use The Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrator:

  • Make sure your vibrator is fully charged via the USB Magnetic cable.
  • Remove your chosen Silicone Sheath using a simple click and twist action.
  • Insert the lubricant cartridge into the loading bay hatch, making sure it has clicked into place.
  • Lock the silicone sheath back into position.
  • ENJOY! Have fun experimenting with the LubePlay button and scrolling through the 9 different vibration settings.
  • One push of the LubePlay button will give you just enough lube to cover the silicone shaft. If you want more, simply hole the button down for longer.
  • Once you have finished playing, simply remove the silicone sheath, clean it and leave it to dry before placing it back on your vibrator.

What Results Can You Expect?

This revolutionary self lubrication technology does allow for more fluent enjoyment during erotic play. The LubePlay system allows for continual play without the need to stop for the application of lubricant. The first few uses may feel a little awkward while figuring out just how much lubricant is the right amount, but persistence will pay off with subsequent uses bringing seamless pleasure experiences. The option of being able to control the vibration intensity, the vibration pattern and the amount of lubrication via one handy control panel at the base of the vibrator, really does give women full control of their pleasure experience.

What To Watch Out For

The lubricant cartridge needs to be small so that it can fit inside the insertable probe, so depending on how often you use your vibrator, you may find you need to replace the cartridge regularly. Each 22ml cartridge should give you plenty of pushes of the LubePlay button, but it might be worthwhile purchasing some extra cartridges at the same time you make your initial purchase – they are quick and easy to change over. Another solution is to have a spare lubricant in your bedside drawer for those emergency situations – at least you will be able to enjoy the incredible vibrations to their full potential.

The magnetic charger avoids the need for annoying pins that can break, but making sure the connection between the magnetic charging hub and the vibrator can be a challenge. It can be a little bit fiddly at first, but you can avoid frustration by taking the time to make sure you have achieved a good connection – once you are familiar with type of charging system you are sure to get the hang of it.

Buying Tips

Before you make your final purchase, consider what type of stimulation you enjoy the most. This will help you to decide whether the ripple sheath, wave sheath or the flow sheath is best for you. If you know that you enjoy a little variety, you might choose to purchase the extra sheaths at the same time to save on delivery costs.

Also consider the warranty that comes with your purchase. When you purchase your vibrator online from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers, Cascade vibrators come with a 12 month warranty and the option to upgrade to a 24 month warranty for a small fee.

Final Verdict

This range of self lubricating vibrators offer women the opportunity to experience a natural flow of pleasure without the need or worry of reaching into the bedside drawer for extra lubricant. Even without the LubePlay feature, the powerful vibration settings of this top end vibrator are sure leave many a woman feeling satisfied.

Made from body safe materials, the LubePlay function along with the interchangeable sheath system puts this technologically advanced vibrator in a category of it’s own.

Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrators

To shop for Cascade self lubricating vibrators and accessories online, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are offering readers of Health & Wellbeing Australia a fantastic offer to take advantage of using the coupon code shown above – but be quick – there is limited stock and at such great prices they may not be available for long. In addition to great prices, you will also receive fast shipping, discreet packaging and secure online payment options that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can take advantage of across Australia.


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