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7 Types Of Vibrators Explained

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7 Types Of Vibrators For Better Female Orgasms!

Vibrators are sex toys that are used on the body to produce pleasurable and erotic stimulation through vibration. There are so many types of vibrators for women to choose from these days it can be quite a daunting task to pick out the one that is best suited to you.

Vibrators are useful sex toys for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm as well as increasing the intensity of female orgasms. Vibrators come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours aimed to target all the different erogenous zones of the body. From clitoral vibrators and G spot vibrators through to vibrating dildos and egg vibrators, once you get the buzz you are likely to be hooked! Before making your purchase read below to find out about the different types of vibrators, how they work and why you would choose one.

  1. Bullet Vibrators

    Bullet vibrators are usually small in size and are ideal for exploring the entire body, but especially great for clitoral stimulation. For women who have difficulty climaxing through penetration alone, bullet vibrators offer the perfect orgasmic solution whether they are used for masturbation or for extra clitoral stimulation during sex with a partner.

  2. Clitoral Vibrators

    In addition to bullet vibrators, there are many vibrators designed solely for clitoral stimulation. Clitoral vibrators can be so discreet that they can be disguised as lipsticks in your handbag or so small that they can be left in panties all day long! Many clitoral vibrators offer precision stimulation and are shaped perfectly to caress the female anatomy for intense pleasure. While all clitoral vibrators can be used to enhance solo masturbation experiences, many are also designed to be worn during intercourse or to be wedged between two partners for mutually satisfying love making.

  3. Realistic Vibrators

    For women who really enjoy deep penetration but also want that extra buzz, realistic vibrators offer the perfect combination. Realistic vibrators are basically phallic shaped dildos that vibrate. Realistic vibrators come in every colour, shape, length and thickness imaginable. Some realistic vibrators even come with suction cups for hands-free fun.

  4. G Spot Vibrators

    G spot vibrators are curved to target this specific erogenous zone, which is a cluster of super sensitive nerve endings on the front wall of the vagina. Stimulation of the G spot can lead to stronger sexual arousal, more powerful female orgasms and in some cases even female ejaculation. The curved tip of G spot vibrators massage these nerve endings to enhance arousal. Masturbation using a G spot vibrator can involve thrusting to simulate sex and can also include clitoral stimulation.

  5. Egg Vibrators

    Vibrating eggs are small internal vibrators for women. They often come with remote controls that are perfect for discreet masturbation or to include partner. egg vibrators can be used discreetly during the day to provide arousal or can be used during foreplay. In addition to providing pleasurable sensations, using egg vibrators on a regular basis can also to help strengthen the pelvic floor, leading to improved bladder control and enhanced sexual responses.

  6. Rabbit Vibrators

    The rabbit vibrator is possibly the most superior when compared to other types of vibrators. Rabbit vibrators combine classic vibrating dildos with the added benefit of simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Some rabbit vibrators also come with rotating or thrusting shafts to provide serious internal pleasure while the ‘bunny ears’ stimulate the clitoris. There are small discreet rabbit vibrators and even curved G spot rabbit vibrators. For women who require both penetration and clitoral stimulation to achieve the ultimate orgasm, rabbit vibrators are the obvious choice.

  7. Massage Wands

    While some vibrator types are designed specifically for women, massage wands can be enjoyed by both men and women. In addition to eliciting powerful female orgasms, massage wands can be used to massage and relax tired muscles. Some massage wands even come with attachments to transform them into internal massagers.

No matter what vibrator you choose, there are some simple rules for looking after them. All sex toys used for penetration work best and are more pleasurable when used with a little water based lubricant. Remember to clean your vibrator after every use with an antibacterial toy cleaner to avoid any risk of infections. It’s also recommended that you remove the batteries from the device between uses to protect your favourite toy from corrosion and also to extend the life of the batteries.

Vibrators are fantastic sex toys for women that can be enjoyed either solo or with a partner. Enhanced sexual satisfaction not only brings immediate happiness, but also contributes to better overall physical and emotional health & wellbeing.

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