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Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer Review

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Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer: The New Era In Rechargeable Cock Rings!

Created with the purpose of bringing mutual pleasure to a heightened equilibrium, the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer is powerful enough to be felt by both partners during those intimate moments.

With so many rechargeable cock rings available these days, it can be tricky to work out which one is the most comfortable, offers the most support and is the most powerful.
After testing the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine, we decided to see if the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer, also by Fare L’Amore was in the same high class.

Key Features

  • Inner Ring Diameter: 3.2cm
  • 6 Vibration Functions
  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Safety Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalates Free
  • Free Satin Storage Bag Included
  • Presented In Deluxe Gift Box

How To Use The Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer

  • Make sure your enhancer is fully charged. While the ring is charging the light on the power button will flash. Once fully charged the light will turn solid.
  • Add a little lube then slide the enhancer on down to the base of the penis. To stimulate the testicles place the stimulator at the bottom, to stimulate the clitoris of a lover, place the stimulator at the top.
  • Press the power button for 1 second to turn the enhancer on.
  • Press the power button again to scroll through the 6 vibration settings.
  • To turn your enhancer off, hold the power button down for 3 seconds.

What Results Can You Expect?

The silicone enhancer has been designed to fit the average penis girth, offering a beautiful combination of erectile support combined with comfort. Providing just enough squeeze to trap extra blood in the penile tissue to help create a bigger, firmer erection, the silicone is still forgiving enough to remain comfortable. The stretchy silicone enhancer is also relatively easy to put on and take off, with a little bit of personal lubricant making the process even easier.

For couple shared clitoral stimulation, the enhancer can be worn on the penis shaft only. For additional erectile support and ejaculation delay, the enhancer can be stretched over the entire shaft and testicles to provide an even tighter squeeze.

The small motor is surprisingly powerful, with the silicone casing transmitting vibrations through the shaft of the penis to the testicles of the wearer. The stimulator is big enough to hit the partners clitoris or perineum with surprising accuracy following each thrust. Being USB rechargeable, the life span of one charge is sure to see you through several love making sessions.

The vibrating stimulator is perfectly sized – big enough to house a powerful motor and target the clitoris with precision while being small enough to remain unobtrusive.

Finally, the seamless, high quality silicone makes this enhancer extremely quick and easy to clean.

What To Look Out For

As with almost all vibrating cock rings, passionate thrusting results in the stimulator losing contact with the clitoris of the receiving partner, which can become more frustrating than scintillating. While it’s all well and good to tease your lover a little, pay attention to when she is craving that vibration and use this as your cue to stay in contact with her, grinding in small circles rather than thrusting!

Any cock ring connoisseur will tell you that a generous amount of water based lube will be your best friend. Not only does it make it so much easier to put on and remove the enhancer, but some extra lube can also act as a medium to transmit the vibrations deeper into the tissues for even more sensational results.

Buying Tips

If you haven’t already, invest in some water based lubricant and a good quality antibacterial toy cleaner. This will make your experience oh so much more enjoyable and practicing good hygiene is an important part of maintaining optimal sexual health. Only water based personal lubricants should be used with silicone enhancers such as this one. Other oil based or silicone based lubes could potentially react with the silicone casing to cause corrosion.

When purchased from Fare L’Amore, this enhancer comes with a 5 year warranty – now that’s peace of mind!

Final Verdict

Perhaps one of the most accepted sex toys in the mainstream bedroom, rechargeable cock rings such as the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer can certainly help to enhance the couple’s experience. Fully waterproof and providing the perfect combination of erectile support and clitoral stimulation, this enhancer lives up to everything that you would expect from a vibrating cock ring.

Presented in a classy gift box with a complimentary satin storage bag, this rechargeable cock ring certainly offers excellent value for money when compared to other similar rechargeable cock rings.

Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer Special Offer

To buy the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer online, Fare L’Amore have offered readers of Health & Wellbeing Australia an amazing offer you can take advantage of by using the coupon code shown above. You will also enjoy fast shipping, discreet packaging and secure online payment options that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can benefit from anywhere in Australia.


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