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Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

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Stop Procrastinating: Change Your Mind Set To Overcoming Procrastination.

Do you want to stop procrastinating? Change your outlook on life and overcoming procrastination for a more fulfilling and productive life!

Procrastination is the act of putting off certain tasks in order to perform less important tasks, or completely putting off unpleasant tasks until the last minute. Many people procrastinate over particular tasks because they believe the task at hand is going to bring them some level of unpleasantness. Others may be bored by the task at hand or simply cannot conjure up the motivation to take action on their goals.

Whatever the reason may be for procrastinating, the pain and stress that comes with putting things off often ends up being more unpleasant than the initial task itself. Overcoming procrastination is easy when you shift your mind set and follow these simple tips below.

  1. Break Down Overwhelming Tasks Into Smaller Tasks.

    Once you have accomplished the first ‘smaller’ task, the larger task at hand is likely to seem a lot less overwhelming. For example, if you have an entire house that needs cleaning, tackle it room by room. Set yourself an initial goal of cleaning just one room. Once that is accomplished, you will feel more motivated to tackle the next! If completing a task seems overwhelming, try setting yourself a time goal.

    I will spend 10 minutes exercising this morning.

    Chances are once you get going, you will run for longer! If you don’t, then you can be happy that you have at least achieved a portion of the task.

  2. Reward Yourself!

    Set yourself a deal that if you complete a task you will give yourself a reward.
    For example, if you finish your book work now, you can go to the movies later that night. It may even be enough to contemplate the result of finishing the task.
    For example, if you submit your annual tax reports, you may receive a nice tax return.

  3. Keep Yourself Accountable

    Come up with a consequence for not completing the task that is even less pleasant than the actual task itself. If you stay true to the consequence you have chosen for yourself, this will help you to stop procrastinating on it.
    For example, you might ban yourself from your favourite food for a week if you don’t complete the task on time.

  4. Ask For Help

    If you are procrastinating because you are unsure of how to complete the task, don’t be afraid to ask someone who has experience in that field for help. Set yourself up for success by ensuring you have the right equipment, skills and knowledge to complete the task.

  5. Make A TO-DO List

    Make a list of all the awaiting tasks that you are avoiding. Do not include the tasks you know you will do anyway. Then allocate time slots for completing the tasks and set yourself specific deadlines.

Stop Procrastinating!

In addition to improving organisational skills and time management skills, overcoming procrastination really just boils down to taking action. If you are anxious about performing a task or just can’t seem to find the motivation, remind yourself of why this task is so important and how great you will feel once it is completed. By overcoming procrastination you are more likely to reach you full potential and achieve greater results in life.


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