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Double Leg Lift Fit Ball Exercise

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Fit Ball Exercises: The Double Leg Lift

One of the many advanced exercises you can perform at home or in the gym, the Double Leg Lifts are one of the best fit ball exercises you can perform to help strengthen your buttock muscles.

Target Muscles: Buttock Muscles/Hip Extensors

Double Leg Lift Start Position

Start Position

Double Leg Lift Finish Position

Finish Position

How To Do The ‘Double Leg Lift’ Exercise

Starting Position: Lie with hips draped across the fit ball. Put your weight through your elbows and forearms. Touch the ground lightly with your toes to gain your balance.

Exercise: Support yourself with your forearms and slowly left your feet, raising your legs until they form a straight line with your hips and shoulders.
Hold for 3 seconds then lower back to starting position.


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