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Rules For A Successful First Date

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First Date Tips To Enjoy Dating Success.

If you are looking for some first date tips top make sure you enjoy dating success, then look no further! The very first metting can be an amazing starting block for a relationship or they can be absolutely disastrous. No matter what expectations exist at the beginning, nerves and pressures can sometimes cloud judgment and lead to disappointment or regret.

First dates are not an interview for marriage. They are simply a chance to get to know someone a little better and an opportunity to establish whether or not there is a connection between the two people. Enjoy dating success by following some simple first date rules that allow you to be yourself and enjoy the dating process.

Don’t Interview Your Date

Avoid the temptation of ‘ticking boxes’ off in your head. It is not appropriate to ask your date whether they own or rent their home, how much they earn or how old they are. It might be an easy conversation starter to ask someone what they do for a living, but be sure to make it clear you are interested in their passions, hobbies and past times and not their pay check. First dates should be about how good your date makes you feel and how much you enjoy each other’s company, so throw away your list of superficial criteria and just enjoy spending time with your date.

Don’t Give Away Your Life Story

The goal of a first date is to learn some basics about each other to establish some common interests that might result in a special connection. It’s one thing to be open and honest but if your date asks questions regarding previous relationships avoid going into the details.

Limit Alcohol

One glass of wine might help settle the nerves but too much can lead to disaster. Remaining sober and composed for your first date shows respect to the other person and will allow your date the see the best version of you. Slurring your words and stumbling to the toilet is never attractive. Alcohol also tends to lead to bad language, inappropriate comments and reduced inhibitions, all of which are not ideal on a first date.

Stop At First Base

Even if you have established a fantastic connection it is not a good idea to invite your new date home. A simple kiss on the cheek is enough to let your date know that you are feeling affectionate towards them and that you want to see more of them.

Be Positive

Complaining about how your ex took you to the cleaners can be extremely off putting on a first date. Remember your date is not your psychologist so divulging family problems and medical woes are not appropriate. Smile, focus on the positive aspects of your life and talk about your hopes and dreams for the future rather than digging up dirt from the past.

First Date Tips Summary

While nerves are quite normal at first, try to relax by remembering the reason you are on a date in the first place. First dates are just a starting block for two people to get to know each other so don’t get caught up on what you think the expected outcome should be. Dating is not a game so don’t feel like you need to pretend to be someone you’re not. Let your true self shine from the beginning. After all, if there is a second or third date the real you will need to come out at some point. In addition to following some simple first date tips, the best thing you can do to ensure dating success is smile, relax and enjoy spending time getting to know your date.


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