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Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine Review

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Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine: Vibrating Male Masturbator.

Women have enjoyed using vibration for erogenous pleasure for centuries, so why shouldn’t men have just as much fun? Presenting the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine!

Vibrating male masturbators offer men the opportunity to experience enhanced pleasure during solo masturbation sessions as well as during erotic encounters with their lover. In addition to spicing up pleasure sessions, handheld masturbators can also be a helpful stamina training tool for any man who experiences premature ejaculation or simply wants to be able to make love to their partner for longer.

Unfortunately, there are so many vibrating male masturbators available, it can become quite confusing when trying to find the right one, and very disappointing if it wasn’t what you expected.

Part of the exclusive Mr B range of men’s sex toys by Fare L’Amore, this vibrating handheld masturbator has taken into consideration all the main aspects of male pleasure and performance, wrapping them up into one perfect and very discreet little package!

We approached Fare L’Amore about test driving ‘The Ultimate Pleasure Machine’, to see if it lived up to the hype and they were happy to oblige.

What is the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine?

Taking a leap into the next generation of male pleasure, this technologically advanced handheld masturbator has all the bells and whistles a man could ask for! Hidden inside the discreet red & black canister hides a delightfully life like vagina replica that is sure to light the fire of any man’s fantasy world.

Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine
Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine Entrance

The plush labia are followed by a canal full of ridges, bumps and grooves to make every thrust and exciting adventure! For men who like to keep it simple, this may be enough, but for the man who wants more there are also 6 scintillating vibration modes to choose from.

Mr b Ultimate Pleasure Machine Inner
Mr b Ultimate Pleasure Machine Vibration Modes

Bringing the pinnacle of fantasy into reality, there is also a voice simulation mode – just one push of a button activates girly moans and groans, so you can close your eyes to enjoy the mutual release. USB rechargeable, cleaning is also a breeze with 4 simple steps.

Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine USB Rechargeable
Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine Washing Steps

Key Features

  • Total Length: 19.5cm
  • Total Width: 7.5cm
  • 6 Vibration Modes
  • Real Feel Vaginal Opening
  • Squeezable Mid-Section
  • Voice Simulation Button: Real woman moans & groans
  • Rechargeable via Magnetic Charger (cable included)
  • Free Deluxe Velveteen Storage Bag Included
  • Compatible with water based lubricant

How To Use The Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine

  • Before use, make sure the masturbator is fully charged. Simply plug in the USB charger and connect the magnetic charger to the canister. When the charger is connected, you will see a flashing indicator light. When fully charged, this light will remain solid.
  • To open, simply twist the lid to the right and remove.
  • Add a generous amount of water based lubricant to the opening. Make sure you have some more on stand-by in case you need a top up mid-session.
  • Press the power button to turn and to scroll through the vibration modes.
  • Use the (+) or (-) buttons to control the voice volume.
  • To turn your toy off, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. This will switch the vibrations and sound off immediately.
  • To clean your toy, simply remove the soft silicone insert, taking the bullet vibrator out of it’s socket carefully. Wash the insert with some antibacterial sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water. Make sure the insert is completely dry before storing your masturbator away.

What Results Can You Expect?

While some men may argue that the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine can’t replace the real thing, some might also argue that it is even better! The neat looking realistic vagina replica feels extremely stimulating whether the vibrations and voice simulations are used or not. The easy grip points allow full control of the pressure you experience, which is a big bonus when compared to a lot of other vibrating male masturbators

What To Look Out For

Any masturbation experience is improved with the addition of personal lubricant and the Ultimate Pleasure Machine is no exception. Without ample lube, a luxurious experience could quickly turn awkward or even a little bit painful.

Magnetic chargers are super convenient, but they can easily be knocked out of position. Avoid disappointment by making sure you leave your toy to charge in a safe place where it will not get bumped or knocked.

Buying Tips

If you don’t already own some water based personal lubricant and a good quality toy cleaner, then consider adding these items to your shopping cart when purchasing your male masturbator. Investing in the care of your toy will result in it serving you well for a long time into the future.

When purchased online from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers, the The Mr B range of sex toys come with a 5 year warranty – now that’s peace of mind!

Final Verdict

The Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine offers men a simple way to enjoy enhanced masturbation experiences and fun way to embark on stamina training. Discreetly packaged and offering a range of enhancement functions that can be turned off if you don’t like them, this vibrating handheld masturbator really does offer the ultimate pleasure experience!

Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine Vibrating Handheld Masturbator

To buy the Ultimate Pleasure Machine online, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers have offered readers of Health & Wellbeing Australia a great offer you can take advantage of with the coupon code shown above. You’ll also receive fast shipping, discreet packaging and secure online payment options that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can take advantage of across Australia. They will even throw in some water based lubricant for you too!


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