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10 Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make

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Snare That Second Date By Avoiding the Dating Mistakes Women Make!

Whether it’s due to those normal first date jitters or that overwhelming, inner biological clock ticking louder than common sense, those first date mistakes women make can be avoided! Regardless of whether he seems like ‘the one’ who might stick around, there are some dating mistakes that women should avoid at all costs in order to give their date a fighting chance of survival to the next round!

  1. DON’T Forget Your Manners

    Don’t take food off his plate on the first date. Remember to say please and thank you and always be kind to waiting staff. Nothing is more off putting than bad manners.

  2. DON’T Play With Your Phone

    If you are tweeting or updating your Facebook status at the dinner table, this is a clear signal to your date that you are not interested in having a conversation with him. You should also try to keep phone calls to a minimum. If you must have your phone available for family reasons or work reasons, explain this to your date before you begin your date. Let them know that you are anticipating an important phone call and that you will only take that particular call.

  3. DON’T Seem Too Eager

    While there may be chemistry and the date seems to be going well, don’t start planning your future together just yet (at least not verbally). Not only should you refrain from ‘wedding and ‘baby’ talk, also hold back on inviting him to your family Christmas or your cousin’s wedding until you have spent a little more time together and you are sure the relationship is going somewhere.

  4. DON’T Reveal Too Much!

    One of the biggest mistakes women make is being too chatty! A little mystery is a good thing; it will keep him wanting to know more. He doesn’t need to know how many times you vomited after having your appendix out, nor does he want to hear all about how your Mum was charged for five bunion treatments instead of four by the local podiatrist.

  5. DON’T Be Too Available

    Stop at first base. Jumping into bed on the first date could be a signal to him that perhaps you are not the ‘keeping’ kind. By holding out a little, he will know that you don’t just jump into bed with everyone and he will appreciate it even more when you eventually do!

  6. DON’T Dwell On Your Ex

    Yes, the question of ‘what went wrong’ may come up, but that doesn’t give you permission to open fire on your ex. Stick to the facts without investing too much emotion into the miss-giving’s of your ‘ex’. Make it clear that that chapter of your life has closed and that you have moved on.

  7. DON’T Expect Him To Foot The Bill

    Although many men may insist on paying the bill, in today’s world it is considered polite for the woman to offer a contribution. Start by offering to split the bill. If he insists on paying , then it is polite to allow him to pay. There may another opportunity to contribute throughout the evening, by paying for coffees afterwards or even shouting the taxi fare.

  8. DON’T Count Calories

    Well, you can count them secretly if you like (and then make up for it across the rest of the week). Depending on the menu, you may be able to make smart decisions about what you eat, but let’s face it, someone who is on a diet is really boring to eat with. Don’t be afraid to indulge for this special occasion by having a glass of wine, tasting new things or sharing a delicious dessert.

  9. DON’T Flirt With The Waiter

    While it may boost your own ego, making yourself seem desirable to all the other men in the room is likely to make your date feel very uncomfortable. Your date really wants to know that you are into him. Focus all of your attention on him and him only.

  10. DON’T Get Too Picky

    Let your date be himself. One of the common mistakes women make is to instantly judge a man on whether or not he is marriage material. Don’t look for perfection; remember there is a difference between separating your ultimate ‘ideals’ from ultimate ‘deal breakers’. If he seems nice enough, give him a chance and take the time to get to know him a little better.

DO Set Your Own Dating Guidelines!

Dating mistakes are much easier to avoid if you have planned ahead to avoid them. Whatever you decide your rules are for the evening, stick to them. If you have set yourself a rule to be home by midnight, stick to it. If you have set yourself a rule to only go to first base, you are much less likely to make impulsive decisions in the heat of the moment. Stay true to your pre-set guidelines for avoiding the biggest dating mistakes and you stand a much better chance of getting ‘that’ phone call the following day.


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