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Top 10 Online Dating Tips

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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Love: Online Dating Tips Revealed.

Online dating is fast becoming a popular and acceptable alternative to traditional methods of finding potential suitors. With life getting busier and often more complicated than ever before and increasing number of people are turning to dating sites with the hope of fast tracking their way to true love.

While online dating once had a somewhat sleazy stigma attached to it, many people are discovering the benefits that this style of dating can offer. Many people these days are interested in connecting immediately with like-minded people who have similar interests and life goals. Rather than facing ‘awkward blind dates’ and the dreaded ‘drunken bar scene’, online dating offers people a way to quickly sort through a large pool of people to locate those who they might potentially have a connection with.

While the desired outcome may be the same, dating tips in the online world are quite different to traditional dating rules. Follow these simple guidelines to stay safe and enjoy the process of searching for love online.

  1. Do Your Research

    Different dating sites have different features that may or may not be to your liking. Some online dating sites will pick potential partners for you and others will let you make your own choices. Decide which methods used by different dating site you feel comfortable with. If you ask friends who have used dating sites what their experiences have been, ask them to provide feedback regarding what the dating site offers you as a customer, not what their actually dating experiences have been.

  2. Beware Of The Costs

    Some dating sites are free and some ask you to commit to a monthly fee. Whatever the fees may be, be sure that the dating site you have chosen is suited to your liking and needs with no hidden fees attached once you join.

  3. Don’t be Afraid Of Smaller Sites

    If you have a special interest or you are looking for a partner with specific qualities, it may be worth your while investing in smaller ‘niche’ dating sites. For example, if you are only interested in finding someone who lives within a two hour driving radius, a local dating agency be what you are looking for. If certain religious or lifestyle qualities are important to you, there may be dating sites available that cater specifically to these preferences. From animal lovers through to smokers, there are niche dating websites for just about everything you can imagine.

  4. Your Profile Must Be Honest

    While you want your profile to be compelling, be careful not embellish the truth too much. One of the best dating tips is to be honest about your interests and your characteristics. Use a real and recent picture of yourself that is flattering and highlights the features you are proud of. Keep in mind when creating your profile that the ultimate goal is to actually meet someone for a ‘real’ date. The first date is more likely to be a success if the other person sees what they are expecting.

  5. Guard Your Privacy At First

    Never give out personal details until you feel comfortable. Depending on the rules of the dating site, some people choose to use a different surname or a completely different name altogether. By giving your real name, there is an increased chance that you can be found via Google and social media sites even if you have requested to cease communication with another online dater.

  6. Expect Some Dishonesty

    Just as you may be tempted to advertise the best possible version of yourself online, so will others. Be prepared that when you meet someone they may look a little older or a little chubbier than their profile picture. It is also unlikely that they have willingly advertised their bad habits for the rest of the dating world to see. Remember when you are meeting an online date for the first time, you are meeting a real person and give them a chance to show you why you decided to meet up with them in the first place.

  7. Rejection Is Part Of The Process

    Just as with traditional dating, one party may decide at any point not pursue the relationship further. This may be for personal reasons or due to lack of long term compatibility. No matter what the reason for rejection, it is a part of the process in establishing human relationships. Be prepared for rejection when you are putting yourself ‘out there’ and remember not to take it personally.

  8. Narrow Your Focus

    To increase your chances of successful online dating. Set your standards and narrow your pool of potential dates down to those who fit your lifestyle preferences. For example, if you really don’t like the idea of an instant family there is no point investing time and energy into someone who has children. If you are allergic to cats or dogs, stay away from animal lovers. If you are anti-smoking, make it clear that you will only consider non-smokers as potential partners.

  9. Google Your Potential Dates

    Even if a fake name has been used at first, usually by the time you feel comfortable enough to meet your online suitor, real names have been exchanged. Don’t be afraid to be nosey at this point by ‘googling’ and searching through social media forums. You are likely to learn a lot about your potential date, which might help you to make the decision about whether you want to pursue the relationship further.

  10. Safety First

    If you make the decision to meet someone you have met through an online dating site, be sure to meet in a public place such as a busy coffee shop. Also make sure your access to your car or your transport in in public view. Be sure you tell a friend where you are going and what time they can expect you to check in with them. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol for your first meeting, so meeting for breakfast or lunch at a café may be a better option than a dinner date.

Online Dating Can Be Fun!

Relationships formed through online dating sites are often based on a shared value system and common interests as opposed to chemistry alone. That said, don’t get disheartened if the first few dates don’t go as well as you expected. Instead, use these experiences as learning curves to change your profile, set different parameters or even try different dating websites. Just as with traditional dating methods, finding love online can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes you do need to sort through some duds along the way.

Follow the simple dating tips above to take the pain out of online dating, enjoy the process and increase your chances of finding true love online!


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