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Superman Abdominal Exercise

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Fit Ball Exercises: Superman Abdominal Exercises

Just one of the advanced exercises you can perform at home, Superman abdominal exercises are one of the best fit ball exercises to help strengthen your core muscles.

Target Muscles: Internal Obliques and External Obliques.

Superman Start Position

Start Position

Superman Position 1

Position 1

Superman Start Position

Start Position

Superman Position 2

Position 2

How To Do The ‘Superman’ Exercise

Starting Position: Lie with your stomach on the fit ball. With feet hip width apart, balance with fingertips and toes touching the ground. Brace yourself steady keeping your spine long and your head in a neutral position.

Exercise: Lift your left arm and right leg at the same time until they are horizontal.
Hold for 3 seconds then lower back to start position.
Repeat with the right arm and left leg for a total of 15 repetitions each side.


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