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Pinnacle Abdominal Exercise

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Fit Ball Exercises: Pinnacle Abdominal Exercises

Advanced fit ball exercises you can perform at home or in the gym, Pinnacle abdominal exercises should be performed by people who have succeeded first in performing the Knee Tuck fit ball exercise.

Target Muscles: Abdominal Muscles and Shoulder Muscles

Pinnacle Start Position

Start Position

Pinnacle Finish Position

Finish Position

How To Do ‘The Pinnacle’

Starting Position: As with the ‘Knee Tuck’ exercise, start in a planking position with your legs and ankles resting on the fit ball. Keep your elbows straight and hold your neck in a relaxed, neutral position

Exercise: Keeping your knees and elbows straight, roll the fit ball towards your hands. With your toes staying in contact with the fit ball, lift your hips until they sit just higher than your chest.
Hold for 3 seconds then return to the planking position.

If you are unsure of whether the ‘Pinnacle’ exercise suits your current capabilities, talk to your personal trainer, physiotherapist or doctor. There may be other fit ball exercises suited to your capabilities or current medical status.


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