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Hundred Abdominal Exercise

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Pilates Workouts: Hundred Abdominal Exercises

One of the basic Pilates workouts you can perform in your own home, this exercise is great for beginners and easy requires little to no equipment – just a simple yoga mat or even just a space on the floor! Hundred Abdominal Exercises are one of the best exercises to help tone your abdominal ‘six pack’ muscles.

Target Muscle: Rectus Abdominus and Transversus Abdominus.

The Hundred – Start Position

The Hundred – Start Position

The Hundred – Position 2

The Hundred – Position 2

Starting Position: Lying on your back, knees and hips at right angles and arms stretched over your head.

Exercise: Lift arms and head towards your hips as you lengthen your hips and knees to form a straight line.
Hold for 2-3 seconds then return to start position.
Repeat 15 times.


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